22 October 2010

Just Speechless!

 Note : Image Taken From The Wide World Of Internet

Speechless! Yes, that's the only way I can describe myself upon receiving Syed's message in my FB mailbox today...My tongue practically rolled on to the floor! And I even did some 'jump of glee' around my house! *blushing*

Well, that is how elated I was seeing Syed's video...Truth be told, Syed actually did the video as a sample peek for his other customer. I'm just excited that of all the subject he can choose from, he actually choose "Ritz Passion" as his story...Not only that, he even gave me his permission to use the video whenever or however I like...Ain't that so nice of him?!

Really, I'm just so grateful! Thanks so much Syed for the wonderful surprise! Not often can I open up my mail & received such a gift!

To those thinking of making a video commercial for their online @ offline businesses, do  give a holler to Syed...I'm sure he'll surprise you with his artwork as he had surprised me ;-) Here's the link to contact him - http://www.fiverr.com/users/syedakram/gigs/produce-2-min-video-for-offline-and-online-business

To Syed, thanks so much for your kind gesture...I'm truly honored! No words can describe my gratitude...I'm just speechless!!

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