02 March 2011

Something Simple, Something Sweet...

When I met a new client of mine, Tengku Nurzaheran, those were the words she kept telling me when we discussed her engagement gift cupcakes :-)

I've always love it when I'm baking my goodies for someone, much more so when it's for their special occasion like engagements @ weddings...There's something about love, engagements and weddings that always make my knees go weak. Yup! I'm known among my family & friends for being a sucker when it comes to anything 'lovey dovey' :-P What is life without romance, right? *day dreaming*

As much as I loveeeeeee making goodies for those special occasion, honestly, I can't help feeling 'panicky' each time I'm making it! I know how it feels like wanting everything to be perfect for your special day so I usually push myself to come up with perfect goodies as best as I could  :-)

The same goes when I did Tengku's cupcakes...Gosh! You couldn't imagine the nearly 'panic attack' I had, especially when I was given less than a week's notice for this order :-P Tengku is such a sweet person & I wanted my goodies to reflect those special traits of hers.

Here are the cupcakes which I did for her engagement day...

Tengku's 'Something Sweet, Something Simple' Engagement Gift Cupcakes

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco

Baby Pink, White & Silver Themed Cupcakes

"Cushion Effect" Deco

Fondant Flowers Deco

My Insight On 'Pure Love' :-)

To Tengku Nurzaheran, thank you so much for entrusting me to make your engagement gift cupcakes. I'm truly honored that my goodies are a part of your special day...My sincerest congratulations to both you & fiancée on your engagement. May your coming days be filled with lots of love & happiness :-)

*Special thanks goes out to my dear SHAR :-x Thanks so much for recommending me dear :-) Your support & love means the world to me! Hugsssssssssssssss!!


  1. cantik sgt2!!
    saya m]nak order utk my engagement 26.11.11..
    still sempat lg ke?

    017-3392474 (ita)

  2. Hello there Ita! Thanks so much for yr interest in my goodies. Really appreciate yr kind words :-) Please send in your order details either to my email, ritzpassion@yahoo.com or you can call me at my number, 012-9251292.

    I look forward to hear from you :-) Thanks again & much love to you!


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