20 April 2012

What An Invasion!

Seriously, never had I seen an invasion so absolutely crazy like the Angry Birds! They are just everywhere - on t-shirts, hand-phone cases, bags, shoes, heck, latest I know, there's even pau ( steamed Chinese buns ) made to shape like one! But then again, the last invasion I've ever witnessed was those of Disney's characters, good old Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Just shows how 'young' I am ehh? :-P

Sad to say, I wasn't really into the craziness as others seemed to be...Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm a bit 'duhhhh' when it comes to anything technology. Yup! I'm such an 'old-skool' kind of gal & being technology savvy ain't just my thing :-P I considered myself lucky being able to figure out all this blogging & facebooking thing :-P 

Imagine then how my jaw literally dropped onto the floor when I received a call from Izan, requesting for an Angry Birds theme birthday cake for her son's belated birthday celebration...Yes, my jaw seriously literally dropped onto the floor! I mean, how can someone ( obviously me! ) who never even played the Angry Birds game be able to come up with such a cake?!! I don't even know the characters or anything that's associated with it! Such an embarrassment, right? *super blushhhhhh*

I was honest with Izan by admitting that I'm quite a newbie with fondant cake & figurines ( plus the fact that I'm not so familiar with Angry Birds! ) and was wondering if she really would want me to create her cake. I mean, better me be frank with her than she being upset with the outcome, right? :-P Honestly is always the best policy in my book :-)

Much to my surprise, Izan gave me the green light & insisted that I make her cake. "Let it be a practice for you", she said...Auwww, seriously, where would I be without such great support & encouragement from my goodies lovers. Muahhhhhhss!

Despite not knowing anything about Angry Birds, this is what I managed to come up with :-P

Angry Birds Theme Birthday Cake

Chocolate Moist Cake With Vanilla Buttercream & Fondant Figurines/Deco....And Yes, Those Blocks Are Cadbury's Chocolate Cookies ;-)

I Added Some 2D Decorations By The Side Of The Cake - Just To Make It More Fun ;-)

Yellow Bird

Red Bird

Black Bird

The Angry Birdies!

They Look So Menacing Under This Lighting, Don't They? :-P

I Honestly Don't Have A Clue Of The Eggs Role In The Game, But I Know It's In It :-P

The Angry Birdies...But They Sure Don't Look THAT Angry To Me ;-)

I wasn't really happy with how the fondant turned out on the cake :-( It's one of those time when things just go wrong & the more I try to rectify it, the worst it becomes. What a bummer! The fondant was just not my friend that day :-( Thankfully Izan was so forgiving & instead of being upset, she's just over the moon with happiness on how the cake turned out. Best of all, according to her, her son was practically ecstatic with the cake :-) In the end, that is all that matters to me - happiness to all that received my goodies *love*

I Just Love The Look On Afiq's Face! Super Cute!

To my dear Izan, it was indeed a great honor being chosen by you to make your son's birthday cake. My sincere thanks for the opportunity & for the support rendered. I am forever grateful! Much thanks for the sweet email that you've sent me & for sharing photo's of your son with his birthday cake :-) He's such a cute boy!

Okay, time for me to hit the sack now...I just hope I won't be dreaming of Angry Birds later *chuckles*

Nite all & sending you much love! ✗o✗o

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