22 February 2012

♥ Little Elves Of Love ♥

The thought of me being able to spread my love to others through my goodies was the MAIN reason on why I decided to leave my 9-5 job & venture into this home-based business of mine...Yes, I honestly wanted to share my love as I have soooo much to share :-) Little did I know that in time, without me even realizing it, my goodies has worked it's magic on it's own...Now, instead of me spreading love to others, in turn, it's me who's getting love from others! Magic, right?! :-) Who would have thought that a little something like cupcakes, cakes or even cookies could bring so much love...

Looking back, I honestly could say that my little elves a.k.a goodies have done wonders in brightening up my life, especially when it comes to friendship & relationship :-) I'm blessed with so many wonderful new friends, local & abroad...strengthened the love between myself & my good old friends...bringing my family closer than ever...Gosh! Just so many blessings! And the best part of it all, not only does it affect my life, but others as well! :-) I lost count the number of times I've received a 'thank you' note/message from others saying that my goodies has helped them mend a relationship...or even that my goodies has made someone's love for each other grew so much stronger...or that my goodies simply brighten up their day! Those are the things I lived for & am just grateful that I'm able to take part in spreading & sharing love :-)

This brings me to sweet dear Ms. Syikin...An acquaintanceship my little elves a.k.a goodies played a part in :-P Yes, my acquaintanceship with Syikin started out from an order which was  placed by Syikin's close friend, dear Ms. Halifah. Halifah ( who's now a loyal fan of Ritz Passion's goodies...Yeayy! Love you dear! ), initially ordered a set of cupcakes to celebrate both their close friend, Ms. Dat's birthday. That was where Syikin got to know about me & my goodies :-) Now, in turn, Syikin approached me & ordered a set of cupcakes to celebrate Halifah's birthday :-) Beautiful right just how goodies help form friendship? ;-)

Syikin's request was for a set of Red Velvet Cupcakes & for the deco, she wanted me to do something sweet for Halifah...Lucky for me, from the short time I got to know Halifah, I knew exactly the kind of things she likes ;-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese

Sweet Deco Specially Made For A Sweet Lady :-x

The Birthday Girl, Haley & Her BFFs
( Top Right Is Dear Sweet Syikin )

I Simply L.O.V.E The Look Of Glee On Haley's Face :-)

Haley & Her Loved Ones - Hubby Dearie & BFFs

To my dear sweet Syikin, it was indeed an honour to meet your acquaintaince...Thanks so much for choosing my goodies to grace your event. I am indeed over-the-moon that my goodies was a part of Halifah's special day :-) Much love to you Syikin!

To my sweetie pie Halifah, I just loveeeeeeeee your photos, especially the look of glee on everyone's faces, especially yours dear! Priceless! :-) Seemed like a great party indeed! Thank you so much for sharing your photos dear. Wishing you lots of love & happiness always...Muahhhhhhh!!

Hhmmm...I'm really excited & sooo looking forward to see what other magic my little elves a.k.a goodies have in-store for me ;-) In the meantime, I'm sending each & every one of you much...much...MUCH love! 

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