28 July 2010

Birthday Party Cupcakes

I baked these cupcakes for an ex-colleague, Sarah, who ordered it for her son's birthday party over the weekend recently. Flavors of her choice were chocolate moist with a mix of chocolate ganache & butter cream as toppings.

As I was preparing to decorate her cupcakes, I remembered what it feels like being a kid...Having my own birthday party...Getting tonnes of gifts ( the best memories!! )....Friends & family singing 'Happy Birthday' songs much to my delight....Ahhh!!! Such sweet sweet memories :-)

With this sweet memories in my mind, I decided to create some new designs for Sarah's cupcakes...Was feeling like a kid suddenly :-P The design may not be perfect ( since I still occasionally shiver  out of nervousness when holding my  icing bag!!! ha! ha! ), but I have to say, every time I do a new design, I'll get so happy with it :-P 

I truly love what I'm doing...Creating lovely foodies for my family & friends...It keeps me content & young ( very important to me!!! )...and it also brings joy to my loved ones...And that's what matter the most to me ;-)

To Sarah, thank you for choosing my cupcakes to grace your son's birthday :-) I do hope he had enjoyed his birthday party cuppies ;-)

Animal Theme Cupcakes

My New Lion Deco...It Reminds Me Of My Favorite Cartoon Movie "The Lion King" :-P

Simply Lovessssssssssss This!

Party Theme Cupcakes

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered

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