16 November 2009

Ritz Comfort Food

After years of baking & cooking for friends, I recently received a non-stop urging from family members & friends about posting details and photos of food that is available for them to purchase...I have to admit this request is a bit so nail-biting for me as I've only been baking & cooking for my own consumption all these while...These days, each time I meet up with my friends, they keep asking me the same old question - "when will I post the details?!!!" I simply can't run away from their 'chanting' any longer and so, to fulfill their request, here it is, an introduction to "Ritz Comfort Food"...

Carrot Cake With Walnut & Cream Cheese Toppings

As everyone who knows me, I HATE VEGETABLES!!!! When I first heard about carrot cakes, I simply rolled my eyes!! It was my late mum who practically insisted ( several...several times!! ) that I try it & since then I'm hooked!!! But the one I tried didn't have the frosting that I like, so over the years, I have created my own version of carrot cake & cream cheese toppings...And here it is - a dedication to my mum ;-)

Almond Brownies With Chocolate Toppings

To those who is as crazy about chocolate as I am, this is the food that I crave for especially during rainy days...Imagine having a very chocolaty & nutty brownies with a hot cup of coffee...Yummy!!!

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I'm crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over cupcakes but honestly, the one I usually purchase, somehow is always so plain...As usual, I decided to try make my own twist & I came up with this...It's something orangy & the frosting is a bit lemonish...I love having this when I'm feeling down...A real booster for me!

Moist Chocolate Chip Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & White Chocs Toppings

A real treat to those chocolate lovers - very very chocolaty indeed!!

Vanilla Corn Muffins

A light snack which I love to have while watching tv @ dvds...A light vanilla flavor muffin with corn pieces inside.

Rock Cookies

A crunchy chocolate base cookies. I baked this for my last Hari Raya & was a hit among family & friends...

Honey & Nuts Cornflake Cookies

My version of the normal honey cornflakes biscuit...

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My family's favorite...A crunchy chocolaty cookies packed with lots of chocolate chips & pecan nuts.

Chocolate Cornflake Cookies

Another one of my family's favorite & a 'must have' EACH Hari Raya!!

Apart from the above, I do other kinds of food such like fried @ frozen popia, unfortunately I do not have the photo of it :-(

Well, to those interested to know more, please feel free to drop me a note at the 'comment box' or you can contact me at 012-9251292...If I do not pick up your call, please leave a message @ sms me as I might be in the kitchen - baking :-)


  1. Nak Vanilla corn muffin!!!

  2. What can I do to have your brownies for free? Sigh... can't put it off from my mind. Wish could have it every day...

  3. Are you sure Kenny Rogers not hiring you or at least borrow your recipe for that corn muffin? IT TASTES GREAT!

  4. oohhh i just looooove the cornflake cookies its soooo yummy a must have finger licking cookies every year for raya!! haha.. ;)

  5. aaagghh i want carrot cake please.. im craving for it like forever already!! yumm yumm especially with a bit of lemon taste u cover the cake with.. whats it called? icing right?? its soo nice i just cant get enough of it!!! :(

  6. Wow! Everyone is 'Anonymous'! Ha..ha..ha...Well, to all Anonymous ( who ever you are ), thanks so much for the support! Hope to hear from you soon...


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