05 July 2010

To Raub With Love

Oh dear! I better update my blog!!...AS, one of my close friends & my loyal supporter, has been drilling me about not updating my blog for daysssssssssss!! Not only did she lovingly 'complain' via our telephone calls, she even do so in our daily e-mails!! Definitely there's no getting away now, so here I am wrecking my brain  finding words as I'm having one of those 'writer's block' at the moment...He..he...he...

Yours truly had been quite busy fulfilling some orders for the last few days, hence was not able to spare some time to even switch on the laptop & type up the latest  baking news...Well, as you all already know, I'm still a novice with baking so I took quite sometime getting my bearings right in completing my back-to-back orders within 3 days :-P I really envy those professionals who managed to come up with lots of order within a short time of period...How do they do it?!!! Wish I know their secrets...*Hint...Hint...Any one care to tell me?* ;-)

Back to my updates, I recently received an order from Mr. Sufian...He tasted my Orange Poppy Seed with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting during the 12th Defense Services Asia Exhibition & Conference before ( http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com/2010/04/going-corporate.html ) and simply loves it. Sufian told me that his order is actually a gift for his cousin's merisik ( pre-engagement ) in Raub, Pahang. When asked him about his choice for the deco, his only wish is for it to be a floral deco. The rest he says is up to my imagination...

Knowing how 'first impression' counts during those merisik session, I was all pumped up to do my best for Sufian...And with this thought, here's the outcome ;-)

Orange Poppy Seed With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco



I was quite jittery about the cupcakes and was praying that Sufian will like his order....His reaction when he received his order says it all & boy, was I relieved!!....He was so excited upon seeing the cupcakes & was so speechless when conveying his thanks to me...Hearing him say that  the outcome was actually more than what he expected just filled my heart with a warm feeling and such satisfaction...All I can say is I'm just so happy to be able to bring such joy....A great, great feeling indeed!

To Sufian, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your cousin's special event and thank you for your order. Have a safe trip to Raub!

P/S - To my dear AS, enjoy the post and yes, there will be more to come ;-) Thanks for your support and good luck trying for that 2,000th Visitor! :-x

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