04 December 2011

Much L♥ve To Those Who Shared...

As a novice baker who know zilch about cake baking & decorating, having others acknowledge my goodies is the best feeling ever...What more when it's being shared around the world by other bloggers & goodies lovers :-) 

To those of you who shared & highlighted my goodies, you have no idea what a huge deal this is for me *mushy moment* Not only does it strengthen my desire to excel in this new found passion of mine, it also encourages me to be a better baker, one who'll find ways to produce & create much better goodies in the future :-) 

'Mickey & Minnie Mouse' Cupcakes As Highlighted In

Lollipop Cupcakes As Highlighted In

A Surprise 'You Tube' Video Made By A High-School Friend...A Nice
Surprise Indeed!

From the bottom of my heart, my utmost thanks to each & every one of you...I am truly humbled by your kindness. Much love & hugs! 

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