17 October 2010

She Had Me At "Hello"

There are times when it took you a while to start a friendship...and there are times when it simply took you a few second! That's exactly what happened to me & Ms. Eijaa...From her first sweet 'hello' which she sent to me thru my FB account, we somehow hit it off straight away...Really, it's like we've been friends forever, when the truth is we are simply strangers! Times like this is when I really count my blessings...

It started when Eijaa sent me sweet...sweet messages saying how she loves my products ( Note to Eijaa : Muahhh!! Thanks dear for your kind words! ) and from then on, our friendship blossomed...She's such a sweet person & really, it's not hard to like her! Bubbly & jovial, always laughing...That's one thing we have in common & I guess that's why we clicked ;-)

This order was actually done by her during the Ramadhan...She was dying to taste my Carrot Cake and finally decided to order it for her berbuka puasa ( break fast ) reunion with some of her ex-colleague...So excited was she with her order that I could not help being nervous....Just worried that I don't live up to her expectation...Ngeee!!!

For her cake deco, she requested for a 'black & white' theme...and make it nice, she warned me...He...he...

Wanting to create something special for her, I decided to try out my chocolate deco...Trust me, I've never done any chocolate deco for cakes before...What more, I've never attended any classes on making chocolates @ cake decorations...So this was really a challenge...I guess  I had one of my daring moments while doing Eijaa's cake ;-)

"Black & White" Themed Carrot Cake

Chocolate Alphabets

Eijaa, I do hope you've enjoyed the cake...My sincere thanks for your purchase...but most of all for your friendship...Hugs!!!

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  1. dear dear ritz..how sweet of u to dedicate this to me..miss the chunky taste of nuts in my mouth..yummy yummy!

    hehhe miss ur cake..the discussion and most of all..i miss talking to u! huhu thanx for the wonderful cake and person u are..im lucky to know u and be one of ur cust..

    happy belated birthday ritz passion! hope this will carry on until the last day where im full with ur cake..which i know i'll never get enuff off!! heheh lots of love dear..

    to first timers..trust me..this is worth every penny..and it comes with the package on friendship that will never be replaced..mwah mwah mwah..take care dear...


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