22 October 2009

Restoran Rose 911, Kampung Pandan (Ritz Rating : 6/10)

It was 1:00 pm & a bunch of us are so hungry!!! After all those hard work at the office, I was sooooooooooo looking forward to our group's lunch date...You see, one of my colleague just bought a car, so it's tradition that whoever got one have to bring us out for lunch...It was sort of an unwritten rule ;-) So here we are, six gals being cramped into a smoky gray colour MyVi...

Destination? Restoran Rose 911, Kampung Pandan. From Jalan Ampang, it took us less than 10 minutes to reach the restaurant...Like myself, I'm sure you must be thinking what a weird name for a restaurant...Well, I have yet to ask the owner what's d secret behind the number 911...Maybe the name comes from the International Emergency No. 911 as the food there is really spicy!!! The specialty of this place is their authentic 'masak lemak cili padi', a well known dish that originates from Negeri Sembilan. You'll definitely be spoiled with choices here as there's masak lemak daging salai ( grilled beef ), masak lemak ayam ( chicken ), masak lemak ketam ( crab ), just name it & you'll find it there! They do have other kind of dishes like masak asam pedas, but my all time favorite is without a doubt their rendang pegaga( pennywort leaves ). Gosh! Just mentioning it makes me drool!!! Take note this is coming from someone who simply hates vegetables ;-)

Really, to those who yearns a traditional cooking & the ecstasy of eating rice with their hands, this is the place to head to...Imagine, hot steaming rice complemented by masak lemak of your choice ( mine would be prawns!! ) and those super duper yummylicious rendang pegaga...Oh dear! I think I might just head there again tomorrow...Yum...Yum...

Do head there and give it a try...You might just fall in love...Owhh! By the way, FH, nice car!! Thanks for the ride...

Restoran Rose 911
Jalan Satu, Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-92812996

Business hour
Monday - Saturday ( 11:00am - 4:00pm )



  1. Rendang pegaga???? i should try...

  2. @ien,

    Welcome to my blog...Yup! U really should try the rendang pegaga...Usually when I go there, my rendang is much more than my rice! That's how much I love it ;-)

  3. Oh my...i think i have to go there too.

  4. Hello there Fran! Nice of you to join in...Yes, you really should give it a try. But be warned that the place is not the usual fancy restaurant kay...It's just a one floor shop house, snugged in between houses...

    Hope you'll enjoy the food as much as I did. Update me when you visited the place, kay. I look forward to it...

  5. Fran asked me to bring her there!!!!

  6. every time after i have my lunch here, i will go sleepy, why aaaahh?


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