15 October 2009

The Birth Of "Ritz Passion" Blog

Whooaaaa!!! To those who might be thinking weird things about my blog's name, let me assure you that "Ritz Passion" has nothing to do with anything kinky @ silly @ naughty @ whatever that might cross your mind (?!!! Naughty...Naughty...) The fact of the matter is, "Ritz Passion" is all about my one & only true passion - FOOD!!!

Some might say, what can I possibly talk about with such topic...Tonnessssssss!! I bet my friends can vouch for that, as I can really talk about food 24-7!! Just the mere mention of food, my "food antenna" will be blinking like crazy!!!

You must be wondering why this blog, rite?...Hhmmm, honestly, I just feel like sharing my passion with you guys out there...Lately, my heart is pounding so hard just thinking of the things I wanna do with this blog. I tell you, I am such a dumb-dumb when it comes to IT stuffs, but....For the sake of my passion, here I am, doing my own blog, on my own!!! So, please forgive me if my blog is the lousiest looking blog you'll ever see...I promise I'll improve on my IT knowledge ;-)

Geez, when I start talking about this passion of mine, I can really go on...and on...and on like the Energizer battery!!! Let me cut it short then, what you will find in this blog of mine will be anything & everything about food - where I eat, what I cooked, new recipes that I've tried, restaurants @ places to eat that I would recommend and many more...You can even purchase food item from me such like brownies, cookies etc...

I better stop yapping for now...Will update you guys as often as I could...Just be sure to visit me here, okay. In the meantime, my quote of the day "Happy food brings happy thoughts" ( at least to me...wink...wink...)


  1. Wha! Seems like last week u said u buta IT, now look...having your own blog, what a big progress. Like u r running 100m .. Nevermind who set it up for u... ^_^.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Ha..ha..Believe it or not, I really did the blog on my own!!! Haven't stop patting my own back actually :-P

  3. Hi Rit!!! Love ur blog!! Keep on writing and keep cooking gurl!!!

  4. Hi there Era! Your comment came at the right time! I was getting a bit discouraged about my blog actually but your comment lifted my spirit right back! Thanks so much for your support & to honour you, I'll definitely continue writing...and cooking of course!!!


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