23 November 2009

No Guts, No Glory!

No guts, no glory! The exact motto I had to keep telling myself in order to 'master' this recipe...You see, this particular recipe is somehow so, so 'far fetched' for me ;-) For years I've been hearing stories on how getting a perfect outcome from this recipe is nearly impossible! It even stated that the way to judge a good cook is by how he/she makes this recipe. So, it's no mystery on why I keep delaying doing it...Just reading the technique of getting the dough right is enuff to discourage me!!

You might be wondering what recipe am I talking about ehh?....What could it be that I actually need to pep myself up into doing it...Scones, my favorite snack and to those who knows me well, they will tell you that it sits way up in my ranking of good food!!! The mere mention of scones is enuff to make me daydream of the idyllic sidewalk cafes in the midst of London town....Imagine sitting in one of those cafes, basking in the scenery while sipping on a cup of tea & snacking on some scones with jam & butter...What a perfect, perfect day that will be for me...Sigh!

Back to reality, let me tell you it is not easy to get the perfect scone...A good scone should be crumbly and light...I had always loved scones and yesterday, or shall I say this morning (?!!), I decided that I've succumbed to my fears long enuff already...Like an army heading for battle, I 'geared' up & knead my very 1st batch of scones - at 1:30am!!...I was unsure if my techniques are correct but heck, 'no guts, no glory', rite?...

I knead, cut my dough, brush it with milk & bake it...Que sera sera, what will be, will be....And 15 minutes later, here's the outcome...Owh! Thanks to my great friend, RYSC, now I get to share all my cooking photos instantly with all of you as I was given the greatest gift for my birthday - my own DSLR!! Thanks so much RYSC!! 

As for my scones, in my own personal opinion, the taste is good but I think I've over kneaded it as the texture is not as fluffy and crumbly as what I would like it to be...Another good excuse for me to try it the next time ;-)

As usual, I love to put my own twist in every recipe that I've tried and I already have tonnes of ideas for this particular recipe...For now, my newly baked scones is yummy enuff for me to have it with butter and jam at 3am!!!!

By the way, on another note, to those who would like to try one of the best scones, please head up to Cameron Highland and try the scones at Bala's Chalet (http://www.balaschalet.com/). It's a bit pricey but I guess the price is inclusive of the wonderful experience that you are going to enjoy  there - a quiet and cool little nook surrounded by beautiful trees & flowers...I've tried scones mostly everywhere & Bala's is my personal favorite!

Bon appetite!

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