24 December 2009

A Busy Week

Yup! Yours truly had a very bz week yet enjoyed every second of it ;-) ...Infact, I do have a brownie baking in the oven as I'm typing this. A former colleague, SD, called me late last night & wanted to order an Almond Brownies for her friend's birthday. Of course I'll be happy to do it...Knowing my brownies will be a part of a special occasion just bring me joy! Thanks SD for your order. Hope to receive more order from you...He...he...he...

Well, while waiting for my brownies to bake, I thought why not use the time to update my blog...I've been lagging in my baking / cooking journal due to my bz week recently. So, here's what I've been up to...

Remember the gingerbread order I told you in my last post?...Well, I'm happy to say that MM is so happy with it. She even told me she didn't even manage to look at each & every one of it as all her office mates couldn't wait to 'adopt' the gingerbread people! So MM, here's some of the 'people' for you to feast your eyes on ;-)

MM's order

Gingerbread Football Team

This was deco in honour of my Idol - Ballack ;-)

Individual Package


Apart from MM, I did receive another order from my 'sister', FD...She wanted some gingerbread to be given as a gift to her boss. It's such a good feeling knowing my 'people' will be a part of someone's special occasion...Thanks FD for your support! I sure hope your boss will love his gift. Hey, who knows he might just give you a Christmas token...Ha...ha...ha...
FD's Gift For Her Boss

Small Package Ordered By FD's Office Mate

Not only was I bz with my gingerbread orders, I was also 'attacked' by brownies orders...SA & hubby, M, two of my loyal supporters & 'cheer leaders' ( he...he..he...) wanted to try my Marshmallow Brownies, so the lovely couple ordered one for their family. Thanks SA  & M for your order. Here's d photo for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks too to my other strong supporter & loyal customer, sweet Miss SHAR for ordering 2 brownies ( Almond & Marshmallow ) within a day. Really glad that you enjoyed it. Oooowh!!! I'm also happy to say that Mr. C ( from my previous post ) loved his Marshmallow Brownies! Thanks Mr. C & sure hope your brownies will arrive safely to Iraq ;-)

Marshmallow Brownies
Almond Brownies Order By SHAR

In the midst of my hectic schedules, I still squeeze in some time to do other products...Here's some of it ;-)

Oreo Cheesecake - Plain

Oreo Cheesecake - With Chocolate Topping ( Double D Chocolaty Taste!!! )

Trying my hand on a local recipe - Kek Sarang Semut aka Kek Gula Hangus

Previously I always loved to prepare popia aka spring roll for friends who come to visit me...Usually I'll serve it with my special homemade chili sauce. I love eating those & now it's also a favorite of my good friend aka 'Son", RYSC. Few friends had requested that I do a frozen version so that they could always have it at home...What an idea & I'm happy to say that it is now one of my bestseller! Thanks guys for the idea & support ;-)
Frozen Popia With Homemade Chili Sauce

Alrighty...Need to go now as I could smell my brownies is about ready...Catch up soon & have a great day ahead! To those celebrating Christmas, have a merry & joyous celebration! Those not celebrating it, have a good holiday with your family & friends...Maybe it's d time to catch up on those zzzz or even re-runs of CSI ;-) Merry Christmas everybody!

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  1. kak rita...i blame u for making me having the sweet tooth urge...ive stopped!..waaaaaa..eh, nak order gingerbread tu boleh? but jgn la seksi2 pakai bikini..hehe..but then again, jgn la decorate pakai kurung pulak..=D


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