04 December 2009

What's New From My Kitchen

Hey there food lovers!

As of right now, right this minute, I'm just extremely excited over the baking that had been going on in my kitchen...For those who missed out on my latest development aka news, I am now a full time, 24-7 cook!!! Yeayyyy!! It was quite frustrating working 9-5 & then to reach home all tired to do any baking / cook...

Hence, for the love of my passion, I did the craziest thing & resigned!! A gal just need to follow her heart, rite?...Anyway, I've been cooking up a storm in my kitchen & here's my latest creation...I just delivered a 'cake cuppies' ( read more to find out what this is..wink..wink.. ) this afternoon & I'm so happy over it!!

A birthday cake which was ordered by my good friend, RYSC...

An Aidil-Adha cake ordered by my friend, ZRZ...Believe it or not, d cake traveled all d way to Kelantan! Not fair as even I didn't get to travel that far for my raya...Sigh!

My Aidil-Adha gift to my Aunty & her family...A boxful of colorful mini cuppies! Sure hope they like it...

And my latest project was a 'cake cuppies' which was ordered by my Sissy - a nickname we called each other ;-)...Honestly, this is my first time making it but I sure had fun baking & decorating it...

Owhhh! Believe it or not that while baking the cake cuppies at 2am this morning, I went into a baking frenzy ( as usual!! ) & baked myself a marshmallow brownies!! Unfortunately, the aroma was too inviting that I cudn't help myself having it once it's out from the oven!! The marshmallows just melt in my mouth & it's super duper yummy!! I think this is d best brownies I've ever baked...Ha...ha..ha...The photo?...Errr! I was too bz eating it & licking my fingers that I totally forgot to snap d pix...Sorry! My bad!! Maybe next time, ehh...

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to all my family & friends who supported me ever since I started "Ritz Passion"...Your vote of confidence by purchasing my 'comfort food' is greatly appreciated & I hope to give more good & yummy 'comfort food' in years to come. I already have a few ideas up my sleeves ;-)


  1. Your marshmellow brownies does make me mellow...Hehehe

  2. The look is yummy! But the taste is the yummilicious I ever taste! Keep up the good work. Will highly recommend to my friends.

  3. @ Fran - Ha..ha...Nice rhymes! Thanks for d compliments ;-)

    @ Anonymous - Your support means so much to me. Thanks & I look forward to hear from you soon!

  4. Best carrot cake can only be baked by u,Ritz!
    Me & my family really like it.

  5. Thx for your feedback Anonymous...Glad that u & family enjoyed it...Try my other bestseller, brownies. I'm sure yr family wud like it as well ;-)


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