18 December 2009

Gingerbread Oh Gingerbread!

My hands had been so itchy from wanting to type in my new cooking journals...Unfortunately yours truly was quite bz with a sudden wave of brownies orders...Yeayyyyyyyy!! Not that I'm complaining coz it sure makes my day to hear people going ga-ga over my brownies ;-) Infact, I just delivered my Marshmallow Brownies just a short while ago...Thanks SA for your repeat order & your continuous support. It means so much to me! Next week I have another special brownies order from a customer. He would like to send his order to Iraq & requested for a special packaging...I'm just so happy that Mr. C finds my brownies good enuff to be send to his friends in Iraq. Thanks for your support Mr. C! Hhmmm, my brownies flying off to Iraq without me?!!...Huh! So unfair...Ha...ha...

With Christmas being around d corner, going to any shopping malls these days, one cannot run away from hearing all those Christmassy songs & jingles. I was somehow sucked into those frenzy & suddenly had these urge to bake some gingerbread man...Errr, I called it gingerbread people as there's a whole lot of them!

To be honest, while I was decorating it, it was really, really, and I mean REALLY hot that I decided to decorate my 'people' a bit different from the usual gingerbread man...My apologies if some of you out there might find it a bit offensive...Wasn't trying to create havoc or issue but I was influenced by the weather ;-)

Good news though...Some was really keen with my version of gingerbread people that I've been getting some inquiries! Yeayyyy!! Infact, I got a few orders next week, one being from a good friend, MM of Celcom. Thanks MM for being cheeky enuff to order my version of gingerbread people! Ha..ha..ha...

Gotta go now as I have another batch of gingerbread people to bake...Owh! My gingerbread people did have some time to pose for the camera recently, so feast your eyes on their photos  & hope it will cheer up your day ;-)

A Whole Village Of Gingerbread People

                    My Gingerbread People

 Gingerbread Couple

 Gingerbread Beach Babes

                                                                                                     Gingerbread Beachwear Couples 




My Favorite - 'Lil Miss Polka Dot Bikini

                                                           Packaging Sample - Small

                     Packaging Sample - Big


  1. KAK RITA!!!!!!

    As promised, here are my comments ooopsss compliments actually....

    Marshmallow Brownies - WOWWWWW!!!! MARVELOUS...YUMMYY...DELICIOUSS.... I think this is you ultimate MASTERPIECE

    CHEESE CAKE - It was very Yummylicious... Very rich in cheese (I likeee) and the combination of chocolate make it "tidak menjemukan" ... I berebut-rebut dgn my hubby that day... I wonder...since when he like cheese cake???

    GINGERBREAD PEOPLE - delicious, sexiest...hehehe see... big people pun sexy...Congrats as your Ginger People will go to Iraq without you ...hahhahaha.. I want to try your Iraq version.....

    Susu Lemak Manis aka SA

  2. Dear Sue,

    Thanks so much for your very motivating comments ;-) I'm really2 happy to read that you've enjoyed my 'comfort food'...Nothing brings me great joy than knowing you & hubby enjoyed my goodies...Keep on supporting me ehh ;-) Have a great day ahead!


Your Comment/s Are Truly Appreciated :-) Thanks For Writing In. Much Love To You!

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