27 January 2010

Body System Down

Geez, what a terrible start to my year 2010...To all my dear family, friends & customers, I humbly apologize for being out of radar. I was down with a terrible high fever recently - a fever so bad that I was actually bed-ridden for nearly a week or so! My sincere apologies to those whose calls & messages was left unanswered...I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me.

Great news though...I'm back on my feet already & eager to bake...bake...bake....Yeayyyyy!! Infact I'm actually on my way to the kitchen to bake cup-cakes, ordered by my strong supporter Mr. M but I thought I'll send this note first to explain for my MIA ( Missing in Action ) status recently...

Once again, I humbly apologize for all the inconvenience caused by my ill-health recently. Thanks for your attention & continuous support for Ritz Passion - Comfort Food.


  1. kak rita..hehe... prepare for my order pulak..26hb feb seluruh rakyat mesia cuti tu..hehe.. later me sms..tak byk..just for me and si hero mukhriz.. =D

  2. Sweet Mahira, I dah standby semua baking gears ni...All set up for your order ;-)


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