05 April 2010

Brain On "Pause" Mode

Oh dear...The heat must be getting to my head! Been having 'writer's block' for the past few weeks!! Sigh!

Mind you, it's not an excuse that I'm creating, but honest, my brain just can't  function normally!!! The weather's killing me & it's affecting my thinking...I'm being over dramatic ehh?...Ha..ha...I did write up some new post ( 3 posts infact!! ) yet somehow, it all got stuck in the 'draft' section...Simply can't think of anything to write!! I can't even think of a title, hence my lame title above!! *Knocking my head silly*

But since I've promised to update my blog regularly, here I am mumbling away...Ha...ha..ha...Do bear with me 'kay ;-)

For the last few days, I've been trying to improve & create new twist on my cake decoration...I've been wanting to try fondant icing a.k.a 'play doh' as I called it...Ha...ha...Anyway, I love looking at those lovely fondant cakes but didn't dare to try it as I'm such a novice in this cake baking thingy...I was looking for an excuse to 'play doh' when a cousin of mine called to order a 3 in 1 birthday cake for her hubby, sister & her 'lil cute daughter ( much to the dismay of my other cousin since she wants her own cake!! Ha..ha... )...

So here's my very 1st fondant cake which I created for my cousin, Ms. LH...A garden theme cake since I was feeling all bubbly when decorating it ;-) ....Oh! Another thing, pardon the quality of the photos...My DSLR was sent for some 'pampering' at the service centre, so I had to use my hp...

Psst, to my cous, Ms. LH, thanks for trusting me enuff to grace your special celebration with my home-made cake....Muaahhhhh!!! And to Muz, YH & 'lil talkative Amalia, Happy Birthday!!

Garden Themed Fondant Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake With Layers Of Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Decoration

My Cousin's 3 in 1 Cake - Muahahahahaha!!

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