30 November 2010

Brownies, Cupcakes & A Wedding

Yes, I finally did it! My first wedding order :-P Phew! After weeks of sleepless nights & days of anticipation, my first big wedding order went on smoothly, much to my delight!...I have to admit that it was such a wonderful experience ( and definitely a nerve-wrecking one! )...My expectation to excel in this project was over the top as I'm doing it for one of my special & strongest supporter, Ms. SHAR ( by now she's Mrs. Jas ) ;-)

When SHAR first approach me with her 'dessert table' idea, I was pretty ecstatic...and when she further told me that she wants me to do her 'dessert table' goodies, my jaw practically dropped! Me? Baking for a large wedding reception?....I was so nervous that SHAR practically had to cajole me several times :-P Not wanting to disappoint SHAR, who is not only my strongest supporter, but also a great friend, I finally agreed to cater her 'dessert table' goodies...

Armed with the support of family & friends who encourages me that I can do it & with the help of a fairy, Ms. RR ( thank you so much for your help & tips ), here are the goodies I've prepared for SHAR's special day :-)

SHAR's Almond Brownies Order

SHAR's Favorite Goodies - Thanks Dear 4 Your Support!

Purple Themed Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

 Red Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Purple Themed Vanilla Cupcakes & Butter Cream Frosting

My Gift For The Bride & Groom - Just Incase They Didn't Managed To Have Their Desserts ;-)

I have to admit that throughout this experience of mine, one of my proudest moment was seeing my cupcake tower...It may be just a normal sight to some of you, but it's a sight that will always have a sentimental value to me...I was all giggly & smiling with happiness after setting up my cupcake tower :-P I even made some special wedding theme cupcake picks @ toppers to add on SHAR's cupcakes...From I first start setting up the cupcake tiers to putting the last minute touches on the cupcakes, it generated quite a stir from others who passed by...I was beaming with pride ( give me a chance! it's my first tower after all...he..he...) when the official wedding photographer showed a keen interest in my cupcake tower & he even snapped lots of photos of it :-P Here are some of my personal snapshots...

Dessert Table

6 Tiers Cupcake Tower With All The Goodies

Specially Made Cupcake Picks @ Toppers

SHAR's wedding will always be a special day for me...An experience that I will never forget & I humbly thank SHAR for her confidence & belief in me...It was really a beautiful wedding &  I'm so honored to be a part of it...

The Bride & Groom...Aren't They Lovely?

To SHAR & Jas, my congratulations to both of you...You two make such a wonderful couple & I'm soooooooooo happy for you...I wish all the best in your new life's journey & may happiness follow you always. God bless!


  1. OMG!! sgt2 sayang sbb x dpt nak tgk, dpt tgk gambar jer...huhuhu...tp cantik n kemas sgt2...thanks sis for ur help n contribution..really appreciate it a lot!!


  2. owh ya!! lagi satu, ur red velvet the BEST!!

  3. kak teringat2 cup cake akak nie...supply mai kat Sabah plz..kia leh wat JV amacam????

  4. Dear Suraya aka Mrs. Jasman ;-)

    I'm just so glad that you're happy with the goodies, especially the red velvet cuppies...Hope the 'dessert table' was like what you've dream off :-x

    Zura dear,

    That's a great idea! Would love to send my goodies all the way to Sabah ;-)

  5. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  6. im inspired with this post. great idea. thanks for sharing.


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