16 May 2012

Love-Hate Pink Affair

Here's a little something you might not know about me...I HATE pink! Yes, the color pink! I honestly have no idea why so but something about the color pink just irked me :-P It's just too girly girl for me...Ha! ha! Maybe it's due to me being a slightly tomboyish kind of person when I was younger :-P

Just the thought of pink makes me squirm *drama queen moment* Honestly! I just can't stand it! My little sister always find it amusing that I hate the color pink. Unlike me, she's just sooooooooo crazy, yes, I really mean CRAZYYYYYYYYYY about the color pink & anything to do with it - pink color dresses...pink color shoes...pink color mobile phone casing...pink color flip flops...Gosh! As long as it's in pink, she'll love it all! Everything is all about pink with her :-P Imagine me going shopping with her...My eyes practically roll over & over again each time she's choosing something, which of course have to be PINK! :-P

Okay, by this paragraph, I think I've established the fact of just how much I hate the color pink :-P Now for the funny part - as much as I HATE the color pink, most of my customers LOVE it! Seriously, I find it just soooooooo funny *chuckles* Never fail to make me laugh each time I receive a call or an order request from my customers, requesting for a pink theme goodies :-P And there are just sooooooooo many of it! By now, I've lost count of the number of times I've to make pink color theme deco on my goodies :-P Don't believe me? Just have a look at my other posts or visit my Facebook page & check out the photo albums there. You'll see that practically 90% of my goodies are in PINK! *chuckles*

Nevertheless, as much as I hate the color pink, I've never let my personal taste/preference affected my work, especially when fulfilling pink color theme order request from my customers :-) Don't ask me how but somehow I'll always manage to put my 'hatred' for pink aside each time I make goodies of that theme *thankfully!* In fact, most of the time ( a fact I'm pretty embarrass to admit! ), I find myself quite enjoying it :-)

Here's one of the occasion where I had so much fun creating pink theme goodies, a 2-in-1 order from Hasnita, who requested a set of pink themed cupcakes for an engagement gift & a simple pink themed cake for her family's eating pleasure :-)

For the cupcakes, Hasnita's request was for a set of Chocolate Moist Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Topping...

Pink Themed Engagement Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Deco

And for her family's eating pleasure, her favorite cake, one that she'll never fail to order each time she'd place an order with me - Red Velvet Cake :-)

Simple Pink Themed Red Velvet Cake

To my dear Hasnita, your continuous support towards Ritz Passion is greatly appreciated...It is always a pleasure being able to bake my little goodies for you :-) Thank you so much for your purchase, but most of all for your friendship ♥ *pink hearts*

Okay, time for me to excuse myself...Just received an order from one of my customer & I need to attend to it. You wouldn't believe the color theme requested for the goodies...Yup! Pink! I kid you not! :-P

Till my next post, have a good day everyone! Much love to you ✗o✗o


  1. hahahaha i was laughing when i read what u wrote about me!!! yeah i looove pink! shocking pink!! rock pink!! im still a rock chick u know eventhoe im a pinky girl!!! :p sis i luuuurve all ur pinky cakes and cuppies all look very delish!! i hate it when u always wanna make me drooooll like a baby (ie saliva coming out of my mouth kinda thing!) whenever i go thru all ur goodies photos! proud of u sis will always pray u become the best Lady Cakey Boss in the world!! i am definitely ur #1 fan my Lady Cakey Boss!!! Love ya and huggies!!

    1. Auwwww...You make me wanna cry with this sweet post of yours sister *sobs* Thank you so much for the love & encouragement you've showed me thru-out my journey. No promises, but I will try my best to make you proud & be the best Lady Cakey Boss 'kay :-) Love you much more sweetie! Muahhhs! *smooches*


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