15 May 2012


My oh my! Seriously, I mean, SERIOUSLY ( !!! ), it's already the third week of May?!!! Oh dear! What ever happened to all my days? Where's my first week of May??!! Hhhmmm...I must be inhaling wayyyyyyyy too much baking powder/soda these last few days as I now found myself a little forgetful ( yea, always blame it on the baking ingredients - never your age! ) :-P I keep messing up my days & dates! I honestly thought it was only the first week of May when my honey bunny kicked ( literally! ) me back to reality & mentioned it's already the third week of May. Geez, seriously, what ever happened to my days? *face palm*

Okay, no time to waste with my chit chat...I'll figure out what happened to all my days later :-P For now, I just need to update my blog as I've loadsssssssssss of goodies news waiting to be published *guilty!* Somehow I could visualize many of my pending posts collecting layers of dust in my draft box. Erkkkkkk!

This little goodies was made for one of my regular customer, Zanti, whom would always order her favorite goodies, cupcakes, from me each time she visit her family in Kelantan ( some eight hours drive from Kuala Lumpur ). Only this time, her order was a bit special as it's a 2-in-1 birthday celebration cupcakes for her niece & nephew...and it was a very last minute order! I honestly didn't have much time to come up with a proper design as I was seriously deprived from my 'artistic' time :-P Luckily Zanti was okay with a simple design, one that I could come up with in time before her road trip back to Kelantan...

A 2-in-1 Birthday Cupcakes :-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I even made some extra cupcakes to pass to her family, whom I had the opportunity to get to know through-out my friendship with Zanti :-) A very nice & humble family indeed and I honestly loveeeeeeeeeee her parents :-) Her dear dad is an ardent fan of my cupcakes so what better gift to give Zanti's family, right? :-)

It Always Warms My Heart When I Get To Bake For Others :-)

To my dear Zanti, as always, it was a pleasure baking my goodies for you :-) I truly hope you & your family had enjoyed every bite of it. Thanks so much for your love & continuous support! *big hugs*

Okay dears...I need to go & really figure out where my time had gone :-P A thought just crossed my mind - was it me who's moving through so slowly or the world is just moving wayyyyyyyyy to fast nowadays? Something I need to ponder :-P

Alrighty, night night all & sweet dreams! I hope I won't be dreaming of myself turning into a zombie walking around with my arms stretched out in front while chanting 'Need more time...Need more time' :-P

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