24 May 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

I've always loved it when any of my BFFs calls me up & request that I do special goodies for them :-) Not only do I get to make goodies for my loved ones but it's usually my excuse to try my hands on certain deco that I dare not try on my other customer's goodies :-P I mean, with my BFFs, I know they'll forgive me should I make a beginner's boo-boo :-P ( Note to my BFFs - I love you gals so much! )

So when one of my BFFs, Mona, called me up & requested for some goodies, obviously I was excited about making some for her...that is until I heard what she had in mind! Being one of my closest friend, Mona had always supported me with this passion of mine. One of her way to show me her support is by always challenging me to come up with various design on all her goodies order ( much to my dismay! ). Oh yes! She does love to challenge me! I still remember how my legs practically wobbled when she requested for a Dibo cake. Yup! That was my very first try at making figurines. My very first time ever!

Now she's giving me another challenge! A set of Angry Birds cupcakes...Erkkkkk! Seriously, when I heard what Mona had in mind for her order, it was like a bomb exploded in my brain! Oh no! I'm not being a drama queen...I'm being serious! :-P It may not seem like a biggie for most of the professional bakers out there, but for novice me ( who's still struggling with fondant deco, especially! ),  it IS a biggie! *nail biting*

After my last feat at making an Angry Birds cake, I wasn't too sure if I'm really ready to make a whole set of Angry Birds cupcakes. I mean, making two or three Angry Birds might be something I could brave through, but to make 25 pieces of Angry Birds cupcakes?!! Oh dear! Oh dear!

As usual, being the supportive friend ever, Mona urged me on & thanks to her, I finally managed to find a 'lil bit of courage & agreed to take her order :-P

Here's my version of the Angry Birds cupcakes...Errr, don't laugh when you're looking through the photos 'kay *blush* The Angry Birds faces are all based on the research I did on the internet :-P Yup! Till now I didn't manage to play the game! Can you believe that? *chuckles*

Angry Birds Cupcakes :-)

Orange Poppy Seeds Cupcakes & Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
With Angry Birds Theme

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Black Bird

Yellow Bird

White Bird

The Angry Birds Nicely Tucked In A Box Ready For Delivery :-)

Together with her Angry Birds cupcakes, Mona also ordered her favorite cake - Oreo Cheesecake :-)

Oreo Cheesecake

As tense as I was when I first received Mona's order, I really have to admit that I actually enjoyed every part of creating her goodies. Truthfully, I even find it quite therapeutic making those Angry Birds faces :-)

Mona dear, thank you so much for the opportunity you've given me...For the confidence you seemed to always have in me...I definitely wouldn't be where I am now if not for the love & support ( and of course all those challenges! ) that you've given me :-) Thank you sweetie!

To the rest, I hope you've enjoyed looking at my creations :-) Thank you for dropping by & much love to you 


  1. oh my! the angry bird cuppies are so beautiful! must order from u one day! ;)

    1. Auwww...You are just so sweet! Thank you dear :-) Am glad that you find my Angry Birds 'beautiful', though I think I could have done a better job *blush* Well, need to practice more before your order ;-) *nervoussssssssss*


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