07 November 2012

Not Again!

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web


I'm sure those of you who might be following this blog of mine would notice that I've been AWOL for quite some time :-( Not that I intentionally wanted to but guess what??!!!! My hard disk crashed AGAIN ( !! ) & together with it is all my goodies photos that have yet to be uploaded *sobs*

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Basically, I'm not able to post anything on this blog as I've no photos of my goodies to add/share with my post :-( Just continue writing up a post?...Now, who would want to read a post without looking at any photos, right? Boringgggggggggggg!

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Sigh! I guess it's official now that technology & I DEFINITELY can't get along! After my last horrifying experience where my laptop crashed & 'swallowed up' ALL my data, I've decided to invest a good amount of money on a well branded external drive. This with the intention of making sure that my data will be stored & saved properly, without the chance of it ever being lost again. I just can't bear losing my data - it being all my business documents ( my costings, quotations, sales records...yada...yada...yada...) & most important of them all, my life's photos...

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Yet, after all the investment & taking good care of my new hard disk, what happened?!! Of all the worst thing that could happen to me, my 'paid-much-but-didn't-help' branded hard disk ( which was supposed to be my safety net! ) went bonkers on me! It simply abandoned me & crash! Erghhhhhhhh!!

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

It's really upsetting that I've lost my data but losing my photos are the worst! Seriously, it's like my history are all wiped clean! All ( yes, all! ) my photos are gone! Photo of families, friends, not to mention photos of my goodies - kaput! *excuse me while I go to a corner & cry my eyes out*

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Haihhhh! I'm still not over losing all my data & photos :'( But I thought I'll let you know on why I'm being off radar here. Wouldn't want you thinking I've abandoned this blog...

Hhhmmm...Nothing much for me to do other than to start all over again from square one, right? Give me some time & I'll definitely be back with some new posts & hopefully more goodies photos to share ;-)

To my previous customers that I'm not able to share your goodies photo on my blog due to my dang hard disk, my sincere apology dearies. I will try my best to post something should I happen to bump into any of your goodies photo on my facebook @ mobile camera. Oh! If you happen to snapped photos of your goodies, I hope you don't mind sharing it with me ;-) Please send your photos to my email - ritzpassion@yahoo.com.  I would really love to blog about your goodies :-)

Much love to all & many thanks for sticking by me ✗o✗o

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