04 September 2014

Frilly Cake Try Out

A confession...I'm a super crazy gal when it comes to cake stuffs :-P I honestly go crazy when I see all those cake items, be it at any of my local cake supply stores or those online cake sites! You might say that I'm a cake-stuffs-shopaholic ( though my hubby says I'm more of a cake-stuffs-hoarder! ). Either way, I'm super guilty! :-P

How does one control one self when one sees all those wonderful cake items that can miraculously turn a plain looking cake into one of those fancy looking ones?!! I for one, just can't help it! Plus, I super need all the fancy cake items to 'beautify' my oh-so-plain-looking cakes :-P

My cake room ( it's actually a store room, but I want the room to sound fancy, so bear with me...he..he.. ) is already overflowing with various kinds of cake stuffs - lace moulds, cutters, cake pans of all sizes, stencils, tappits, you name it! So much so that hubby dearie has lovingly warn me that there can never be any more cake stuffs purchases UNLESS I start using some of it. Oh ya! Did I mention that I haven't even use half of my cake stuffs yet? Hence the 'warning' from hubby dearie :-P

Here's when my 'raid-the-store-room-and-better-start-using-the-unused-cake-stuffs' project started! In order to make sure I'll be able to continue with my 'cake-stuffs-craziness', I'm slowly taking out my 'toys' & having a go with it. To be honest, I didn't use most of the cake stuffs that I've bought because I actually am 'scared' to use it! In case you don't know, I got into this cake making business without any knowledge or experience on cake decoration/making *blush* Just slowly trotting through this journey based solely on my passion & my crazy 'play dough sessions' :-P

One of the cake toys that have been 'hidden' in my cake room is a set of frill piping tubes set. Now, the reason I haven't use this is because I'm not confident with my piping skills. Heck! I barely can make a full straight line with my plain No. 1 piping tube! So you can imagine how using a frill piping tube scares the living light out of me :-P

PME Frill Piping Tubes Set
*Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web*

So when a dear sweet friend called me up to request a birthday cake to celebrate a double birthday - her's & her little princess's, the first thing that came to my mind was a frill cake. What better decoration to suit such sweet ladies other than something frilly & girly, right? ;-) Perfect excuse for me to use the frill piping tube!

After much sketches on my drawing pad ( yes, I'm old school & I still do my cake sketches on papers...he..he.. ), I finally decided on a cake design for dear Tunku Muna & cutie pie Princess Wan Zanariah :-)

Heart Shaped Cake With Frills,
Flower & Butterflies Design

Cake Flavor : Peanut Butter Cake With
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

To my dear Tunku Muna, I am truly humbled to be given a chance to bake & create both yours & Puteri's cake. Nothing beats the joy & happiness that I feel from being able to make goodies for my loved ones. For this, I THANK YOU, Tunku Muna ✗o✗o

I guess that's one cake stuffs tried & used! :-P Maybe I do need to practice more in order to improve my piping skills *chuckles*

Well, that's it for today's post...Now excuse me while I do some 'treasure hunt' & see what other cake stuffs 'hidden' in my store room that I can use for my next project ;-)

Toddle-loo & much love to all! 

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