26 December 2012

Picking Up The Pieces

Howdy there!

Yup, I'm backkkkk :-P After such a long time being away from blogging, I've decided that it's time for me to pick up the pieces & move on...

In case you've missed reading my earlier post, just let me give you a run-down of what had happened to me...

I was actually in the midst of compiling my blog's post when one of the worst thing that could happen, happened to me! *sobsss* Believe it or not, for the second time, technology has again beaten me down! My hard disk went berserk - AGAIN! I totally went crazy when it happened as all my data was completely kaput :-( Tried as I might ( I even went to a data recovery company! ), nothing could be retrieved from my hard disk *wailing loudly!* Yes, I still cry whenever I think of all the goodies photo that I've lost :-( Not only that, I even lost all my 'once in a lifetime' photos of my family...Everything is just gone!

Which brings back to the reason on why I was away from the blogging world...I just wasn't able to post anything :-( Couldn't imagine writing up of a post without my goodies photo to accompany it. I'm sure no one would enjoy reading a post without photos, rite? I mean, how boringggggggggggg would that be!

Any way, fret not as I've found a solution to my dilemma ;-) Yup! I've decided to continue updating this blog of mine with my usual goodies news :-) Where would I get all the lost photos from, you might ask? Well, obviously I can't do so...but thanks to the support of my sweet & understanding customers, I'm able to share some photos of my goodies which they so willingly send to me when they heard of my incident :-) Yeayyyyyyyy! Now at least I have some photos to share with you here ;-) Thanks so much dearies for sharing some of your personal photos with me. I am sooooooo grateful! Gee, I really have the best customers a.k.a goodies lovers ever! Muahhhhhhsss!

Now, let's start this post with the goodies I've made for dear Ms. Halifah a few months back...A set of birthday cupcakes ordered by Halifah to celebrate her mum's birthday :-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Pastel Color Theme

Can't Get Over How Sweet This Photo Is! What a Loving Couple 

Halifah & Her Loved Ones Celebrating Her Mum's Birthday

Halifah dearie, thanks so much for being so kind in sharing your photos...I definitely wouldn't be able to update my blog if not for these photos of yours :-) Big hugs to you sweetie!

That's it for now folks...Till my next post ( with photos I hope! ), sending much love to all & thanks for reading my ramblings ✗o✗o

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