11 January 2011

Birthday + Cheesecake = Happiness!

Toblerone...Oreo...Cheesecake...Owhh! My honey bunny just lovessssssss these! It was his birthday recently & I naturally whipped up a surprise birthday cake for him using all the above :-)

He had been indulging himself with my various versions of baked cheesecake all these while so for his special day, I decided to try something different ;-) A non-bake cheesecake...I kept it simple, minimal deco I might say as I know the cheesecake will be attacked with no mercy! So why bother covering the cake with all the fancy frostings & stuffs, rite? :-P

Toblerone & Oreo Cheesecake

Minimal Deco ;-)

How It Looks Like After Being Attacked By The Cheesecake Monster a.k.a Ayang! :-P

To my Ayang ( short for 'Sayang' which means dear @ darling...corny ehh? *blush* ), happy birthday sweetie! This poem says it all...Muahhhh!! :-x

I Love Just You

Hey, birthday love, I think of you
On days both dark and sunny...
You bring me joy in every thought,
My precious, loving honey!

So be my love for all our lives,
And I’ll be your love, too;
Each birthday is another chance
To say, "I love just you!"

By Joanna Fuchs

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  1. Best cheesecake I ever had......Love you baby!!! Thank you for the good times and good food!!!!


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