19 March 2013

A Longggggggg Overdue Post

It's really frustrating when you've baked special goodies for one of your best customer cum friend, snapped tonnes of photos for your personal album & in the end, only to have your hard-disk goes wonky & 'wipe off' all your goodies photos!

Yes, Dat's birthday cupcakes photos were one of those affected by my bad...very bad ( !!! ) hard disk :-( Proves a point that buying a very good branded hard disk, doesn't mean you're safe from all those pesky computer glitch! Sigh! Yes, I'm still sooooooooooooo mad ( more frustrated than mad ) about the issue of losing all my goodies photos to my crazy hard disk! Erghhhh!

Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...Sorry dearies. I just had to lash out my frustration :-P Let's move on, shall we :-P

Now, on a brighter side, thanks to my dear customer cum friend, Halifah, I get to share some of the goodies photo :-) Yeayyyyyyyyyy! 

Halifah, thank you dear for sharing your photos with me. I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue. Totally my fault! Was actually trying my best to retrieve all my lost photos from my condemned hard disk so that I could dedicate those photos in this post of yours but after months of trying, I think it's a lost case as I've tried everything and yet still fail! *sad*

Here's the goodies I managed to 'kidnap' from Halifah's personal album...

'Note' Cupcakes

Fudgy Chocolate
( Chocolate Base Cake with Fudge Pudding Filling )

All Light Up!

Dat & Friends 
 ( Busy Snapping Away I Presume )

To my dear Dat ( birthday girl ) & Halifah, again, my sincere apologies sweeties for this longgggggggggg overdue post. Hope you'll understand the reason *embarrass look* Thanks so much for always supporting me & my passion. You ladies are just so wonderful & I'm blessed to have you in my life *flying kisses*

Thanks all for reading through...Much love to each & every one of you ✗o✗o

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