19 March 2013

Nuts 'Bout Nutella

This is going to be another post of mine where I don't have much photos to show :-( Yup! This goodies photos ( which I snapped tonnes of! ) was affected by my condemned hard disk recently & I was pretty lucky to have found two of it in my laptop :-P

These Nuts 'Bout Nutella cupcakes was specially ordered by Dr. Izaza, my dentist turned customer & friend :-)

Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cupcake
( A Light Cinnamon Base Cake With Hazelnut Bits & Nutella Filling )

To Dr. Izaza, am so sorry that I couldn't post more photos of your goodies here :-( I hope  you did managed to snapped some photos of it for your personal album ;-) I wish to thank you for your continuous support & friendship. It is always a pleasure baking for you & I look forward to bake more goodies for you ;-)

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