02 March 2013

Sappy Me

One thing that will always...and I mean, ALWAYS make me go sappy is the word 'love'. Anything to do with love, my heart just melts away :-P You can imagine then how sappy I was when one of my loyal customer, Hariss, called me up & requested that I make an engagement cake for him. No, it was not for him ( he's happily married! ), but he wanted to present it as a gift to one of his family member who was getting engaged. Totally an 'auwwwww' moment for me *loveeeeee*

Receiving Hariss order was indeed an honor for me, especially so considering the fact that  he's ordering it all the way from Malacca, some 2 hours away from my place ( and totally in a different state )! I can't begin to tell you how happy I was about making his cakes but at the same time I was sooooooooooooo nervous *erkkkkk!*

Hariss order was actually for two units of cake, a Fudgy Cake for the engagement cake & a Red Velvet Cake for his family's eating pleasure...Unfortunately, Hariss's cake photos was one of those photos that was affected when my hard disk went berserk & 'died' on me :'( I was lucky that I managed to find one of the cake's photo in my laptop...

Cushion Cake With Purple & White Color Theme

To be frank, I was a nervous wreck throughout the process of making this cake :-P I so desperately wanted it to be perfect for Hariss as I didn't want to embarrass him when he presented the cake to his family...

Hariss dear, I hope I didn't embarrass you :-P I prayed that both the cakes was well received by your family members. My heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to create your cakes, especially the engagement cake. I am indeed honored. Much love to you & your family :-)

Thank you all for visiting my blog & reading thru my ramblings...Hope you had fun looking at my creation ✗o✗o

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