02 March 2013

A Boy's Cake

Nothing say's "it's a boy's cake" better than a football theme birthday cake, right? :-P I had the opportunity to make such a cake for dear Ms. Is, who ordered this for her son's 4th birthday recently.

Though making a boy/guy's cake wasn't really my forte ( blush! ), I have to admit that I had great fun making this cake...Those grasses was a bit challenging for me as I'm still struggling to get the hang of piping it correctly *blush* I did my best though ;-) 

To be honest, I actually snapped a few photos of this cake but sad to tell you that this cake's photos was one of the photos that my hard-disk managed to 'destroy' when it went berserk & 'died' on me! Here is all I have to show *sad face*

Football Theme Cake
( Vanilla Cake With Vanilla/Choc Chips Filling & Frosting )

To my dear Is, I'm sending you my sincerest thanks for giving me the opportunity to create your son's birthday cake. I am truly humbled by your support & trust :-)

Thank you all for dropping by & having a look at my work. Your visit means a lot to me :-) Till my next post, wishing you a great day ahead! ✗o✗o

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