20 September 2012

Cream...Oh! Cream...

Erkkk! Just the mere mention of decorating a cake with butter cream or any kind of cream is enough to make me cringe & hyper-ventilate! *panting*

Cream cake decoration has never been my forte & I'm sure those of you who follows my work will definitely agree to it *super blush!* Yes, I suck at cream cake deco! :-P I seriously can't phantom how other cake decorator managed to have a smooth looking cream deco on their cakes. Tried as I might, I can never get it smooth enough to satisfy my OCD self! Honest to goodness, I REALLY fail ( major fail! ) at cream cake decoration :-( So what a 'lil novice me to do?....Yup, I cheat! :-P Since I can never get a smooth looking cream deco on my cakes, my solution to this problem of mine is to cheat my way into making other cream deco design *giggles*

That's exactly what I did with Roe's Nuts 'bout Nutella cake order :-P It was a last minute order & I wasn't given the the luxury to think up of a good design...Instead, I had to short-cut my way around *blush* For Roe's cake, I decided to take a chance & try my hands with petal design...A huge risk indeed as I've never tried it before *erkkkkkkk!*

Get ready...Here's the outcome of my first try at petal design :-P

Tadaaa! My First Try At Petal Effect Design :-P

Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake With Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I was so worried about the outcome of the cake as I didn't really think that I've done a great job with it...Much more so when it was my first time trying my hands on such design. So, it came as a huge surprise when I received such a message from dear Roe...

"Darlingggg we loveeee the deco! So soft so sweet so cantik!!!


"Darlingggg we loveeee the deco! So soft so sweet so beautiful!!!

Being so surprised by Roe's feedback ( plus I'm a bit of a mushy person), I honestly cried when I read her message...Thank you Roe! It means a lot to me reading such encouraging message :-) My sincere thanks to you for your continuous support all these years. Hugsssssssss!!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all my goodies lovers & YOU for all the love & encouragement that you've showered me through-out my cake making experience. Being a novice, each & every one of your feedback & comment is a huge encouragement to me :-) Extra special thanks to all of you who took the time to visit this blog of mine :-) Every visit means the world to me! Thank you & much love to YOU 


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    1. Oh no! I'm far from being talented dear! *super blush* It's pretty sweet though that you think so :-P A huge encouragement to 'lil novice me :-) Thank you so much for your support! ✗o✗o


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