03 April 2013

'Before The Ring' Cake

My oh my! Ever had a day/night when it's just TOO hot that you find yourself not being able to think straight? Yes, I'm having one of those time right this very moment! My brain feels as though it's about to boil, seriously! It's really THAT hot on my side of the world! And to think I just treated myself to a large glass of slushy mango smoothie...plus my AC is on full blast! Thought that might help cool me down, but apparently not! :-(

Wish I could take a break & maybe treat myself to glasses & glasses of iced cold water but no time for that! My 'pending posts' are practically shouting out my name! Yes, still tonnes of it 'collecting' dust in my draft box! :-P Really need to finish it off but who can think straight with all this heat?!! Now, if only I can just blink my eyes & snow would fall...Wouldn't that be great? *wishful thinking*

Errr...I think I'm starting to talk gibberish here :-P The heat is really getting to me! Well, I better go straight to the point & finish my work...Do bear with me if my post doesn't really make sense. Blame it on the heat! *chuckles*

A while back I was commissioned by Ms. Edura to come up with a 'something-different-kind-of-cake' for her BFF hen's party. Her request was for a Red Velvet Cake with 'no-side' frosting & maybe a ring on the cake as decoration. As her order was a little short noticed, I wasn't given much time to think up of some fancy design to suit the occasion ( much to my chagrin! ). I only had time to do the simplest design & to add to my panic, I didn't even have time to scout around for a jewel mould to make the ring deco! So, what's a girl to do?!! Improvise, of course! :-P I had to put on my thinking cap & find ways to go about creating the cake. I bet you'll be laughing your head off when you find out what I use to make the 'wedding ring' *blush*

Red Velvet Cake With 'No-Side' Frosting 

My Improvised 'Ring' Made Of Fondant & Clear Candies :-P

To my dear Edura, thank you so much for trusting me enough to create your BFF's special cake :-) It was an honor indeed baking for you & I had so much fun trying out the new cake 'style' ;-) My sincerest thanks to you for the opportunity *flying kisses*

Okay, my brain is seriously 'not functioning' right now! Can't even think how to end this post! All I keep thinking now is how good it would feel to stick my head into the fridge! :-P

Better sign off before I rant some gibberish! Thanks all for reading :-) Now excuse me while I go think of ways to cool myself down...Nighty nite ✗o✗o


  1. you r most welcome sis! thanks for the super delicious & wonderful cake, we love it to the max! :)


    1. Auwww...What a sweet post from a sweet sis :-) Thank you so much for making my day dear. It is indeed an honor baking your goodies & I'm super happy that you & friends loved it. Thank you & sending tonnes of love your way! ✗o✗o


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