03 December 2010

Sweetest Day With Anna Olson

Yes, as much as I hate sounding so 'drama queen' ( which sometimes I can really be one! he..he...), I have to admit that at the time I'm typing this, I AM still giddy from happiness & joy of meeting one of my idol - Anna Olson! Just thinking of that wonderful afternoon brought smiles to my face...Infact, till this day, wayyyyyyyyyyyy after meeting Anna Olson, my face is still fixed with these silly grin which I just can't shake off...and yes, I'm still floating on air by the way :-)

Owhhh! I better warn you guys that this might be a longgggggggggggg post as I'm just so excited to tell you EVERYTHING that has happened during my sweet date with Anna Olson :-) And yea, when I'm excited, I tend to ramble on...and on...and on...just like the Energizer Battery Bunny :-P

My wonderful experience started off with a phone call from one of my dearest friend, Azni...I was actually baking some cupcakes when she called me up. It was one of the weirdest phone call I've received from her coz she's asking me all this weird questions like what would I like to eat, if I'm free on the afternoon of 27 November and so on...I got sooooooooo curious that I practically forced her to tell me what's going on! Nothing prepared me for the shock of my life when she told me that she was actually calling on behalf of my BFFs ( Rozie, Era, Dura, Mona, Zilo, Sharifah  & herself ) & that they are sending me to meet Anna Olson as their surprise birthday gift to me! *having teary eyes as I'm typing this!*

Believe me, my first reaction was mouth gaping, jaw on the floor & I just cried! Yes, I cried out of disbelief & extreme joy!!! I just couldn't believe it that my BFFs had took their time in presenting me with one of the best gift I could ever received...Little ole me meeting my idol, Anna Olson in real life! Thank you gals for the surprise!! I heart you sooooooooooo much!!

So excited was I about meeting Anna Olson that when the day finally arrived, I was practically one of the earliest person to register ( and was one of the last to leave too! )!!  I'm just glad that I've made the right decision to come in early as it gives me the chance to mingle around with other participants...and boy, did I meet such wonderful people there!

One person whom I totally admired was little Ms. Puteri Wan Zanariah...How I adore this sweet girl! She's such an inspiration to me...At 6 years of age, she's so passionate about baking & cooking that according to her mum, Tunku Muna Iskandar, they practically came down all the way from Johore just to attend the event. It was so obvious that Puteri, like me, was counting the moments till we could meet up with our idol :-P

Cute little Puteri Wan Zanariah With Her Prized Anna Olson's Cook Book

One Of The Kindest People I've Met There - Tunku Muna Iskandar & daughter, Puteri Wan Zanariah

To Puteri, you're such an inspiration & I do hope you'll continue with your passion. Hopefully one day I'll have the honour to try out some of your cooking, girl :-x

After much anticipation, we were then ushered into the ballroom. The setting was so warm & very inviting. Just a nice small group gathered around for lunch...Only the host is the famous Anna Olson ;-)

When the event host finally announces Anna Olson's arrival, let me tell you that it took me much will power not to jump up & down with glee!! Yes, I was trying so hard to be a graceful guest :-P But to be honest, my heart nearly burst and thank god I didn't have a heart attack!!! He..he..he...

The lunch consist of two parts where in the first part, Anna demonstrated to us on how to bake three wonderful desserts - Lady Baltimore Cake, Banana Caramel Cheesecake & Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars...I loveeeeeeeee seeing how Anna whipped up all the goodies! I was practically sitting at the edge of my chair absorbing every moment of it :-P Anna was great in sharing all her tips & baking experiences...I simply loveeeeee her witty & humble ways! Anna seemed a bit serious in her cooking programs ( Sugar & Fresh ) yet, in real life, she's just hilarious & I found myself laughing throughout the cooking demonstration :-)

The second part is when we were served all the yummylicious food...I was seated with a group of delightful ladies ( Irene, Jennifer, Farah, Christina & Azimah ) & I've enjoyed every minute of it...

Oh dear! My post is getting wayyyyyyyyy too long! I think from this moment on, I'll just let the photos do the talking ;-) Hhmm...was that a sigh of relief I'm hearing from you guys? :-P

Anna Olson During Her Cooking Demonstration

Appetizer : Beet & Goat Cheese Terrine With Grapefruit & Pistachio

First Course : Seafood In Parchment Parcels

Main Course : Slow-Roasted Beef Tenderloin With Maple Onion Cream, Potato Perogies & Roasted Root Vegetables ( The Beef Just Melts In My Mouth! So Yummy!! )

Cheese Course : Walnut, Fig & Brie Tart With Frisee Salad

The Highlight Of The Meal - Desserts!! Banana Caramel Cheesecake, Lady Baltimore Cake & Cappucino Nanaimo Bars

Here are the goodies that Anna Olson delighted us with during her cooking demonstration...

Banana Caramel Cheesecake

Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars

Lady Baltimore Cake

I honestly can't describe how much joy I had during this lunch demonstration with Anna Olson...It's one of the best life experience, especially for a novice baker like me :-) I've learned so much in just one afternoon! Not only that, I also get to enjoy one of the best desserts ever! I was in such an ecstasy state of mind while having my desserts! I've only my BFFs to thank for the wonderful, over the top birthday present! Thank you...thank you so much Rozie, Azni, Era, Mona, Zilo, Dura & Sharifah! Big hugs to you gals! How can I ever re-pay you for this wonderful gift?!! *maybe I'll bake Anna's Banana Caramel Cheesecake for them...wink...wink...*

Believe it or not, I'm still having the greatest of time reminiscing my 'date' with Anna Olson...As much as I would love to type more, I think I better stop here...You guys must be tired reading my ramblings! :-P Catch up with my next post where I'll share more photos of the afternoon as I've reached my maximum limit to post photos here :-P ( even the blog space is giving up on my ramblings!! )

My sincere dedication to Anna Olson, it was truly the best experience meeting you in Kuala Lumpur...You've been my idol all these years & after meeting you in person, I adore you more! Thank you for being such a great host during our lunch session...I hope I'll be able to meet up with you again soon...and keep my promise of bringing you for a durian D24 session ;-)

Till my next post, as Anna would say, "Keep It Sweet"!

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