01 May 2014

A Mom's Love

I managed to grab some free time today & decided to use the time to update my blog. So here I am! Yeayyyy! :-) Now, what shall I blog about today? Hhhmmm...Oh! Now I remember! Today's post will be about a cake that has a special place in my heart...

Now, before I yap away, please bear in mind that this was not one of my recent cake but it was actually made for an order some time ago. The reason that I only get to post about it now is that I finally found a few ( yes, just a few - two to be exact! ) photos of it. In case you've missed out my earlier blog's posts, my laptop went kaput & together with it was ALL my photo albums, including all my goodies photos :-( I'm still upset about it but tried as I might, I'm just not able to retrieve any of it :-( I'm just lucky to stumble upon a few of my goodies photos in some of my folders that I managed to 'revive' :-P

Through-out my baking journey, I've baked & made quite a few cakes. Each & every one of my cake has a special place in my heart...yet this cake remain as one of my favorite. It remain as one of my favorite not because of it's design or the process that I went through creating it but because of the person that ordered it - Ms. Dayang. 

From the moment I received the call from Dayang, I could feel the excitement in her voice :-) So much so that till date, I still can remember each step of our discussion. Dayang called to inquire about a cake that she wish to have for her son's, Khalis Haikal, birthday. 

And here is what I remember most about Dayang - her love for her son. From start & throughout each of our discussion, I could feel the love emitting from Dayang. It's really hard to explain but that is exactly what I feel each time Dayang speaks of her son & the cake that she has in mind :-) Dayang explained that her son has a favorite teddy bear & wanted me to incorporate it into the cake. She even took the trouble to snap the teddy bear's photo & sent it to me as reference :-)

The love she has for her son really touched me & I was determined to do the best that I could. Do bear in mind that at this moment of time, I totally have no idea on how to make or create a figurine! 

The day of delivery finally came & imagine my relief when I met Dayang :-) She practically had the biggest of smile on her face upon seeing her son's cake :-) Really, just looking at her face makes it all worth while. Dayang, thank you so much for choosing my goodies to grace your son's birthday. It was indeed a pleasure baking it for you...but most of all, it was a pleasure to meet such a loving mom like you. The love you have for your son really touched me & I was so inspired by it. Nothing is more priceless than a mom's love & you've definitely proven that :-)

Chocolate Moist Cake With 
Chocolate Buttercream & Chocolate Chips Filling/Frosting 
Topped With Chocolate Ganache

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