07 September 2015

Sweet Flowery Cupcakes

Greetings & hello there everyone! How are you? I hope this post will find you in the pinkest of health & happiness :-) 

Gosh! I have to admit that I was pretty excited to be able to find some time to stop by here & say 'hello' to YOU! I have been wanting to interact with my goodies lovers & to update my blog but despite my best of intention, I just couldn't find any free time to sit a while & type my ramblings! Yup, life was terribly hectic! Like, super duper crazy hectic! You know the drill - baking, cooking, running errands...yada...yada...And to top it all, my hard disk have been giving me problems - AGAIN! Seriously, I think I'm just jinx when it comes to all these techy things :-( Blurghhhh! Other than that, I'm all good :-) I guess, hectic means good, right? At least that means I'm alive & kicking :-)

Any way, I sincerely wanted to just stop by here to greet each & every one of YOU :-) Wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of my goodies lovers :-) *flying kisses* 

Now that I've done that...I guess it's back to my busy schedules ( and sorting out my hard disk issue & hoping that I'll be able to retrieve my lost data! ) :'(

I'll end this post with some sweet flowery cupcakes which I made for Ms. Roe :-) It's a mix of Orange Poppy Seed & Chocolate Moist cupcakes with pastel color decorations :-)

Sweet Flowery Cupcakes

Hope the photo will brighten up your day :-) Take care & big hugs to all! ✗o✗o

P/S : Thank you so much Ms. Roe for your order :-) I know this post is wayyyyyyy overdue :-P Sincere apology for taking such a long time to upload this to my blog :-P *blush*

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