24 March 2011

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Cupcakes

Walt Disney's Mickey & Minnie Mouse have always had a special place in my heart...Not only do I grow up watching each & every one of their shows, they also symbolize 'youth' to me in my adult life...Mickey & Minnie Mouse never fails to make me feel like a kid as each time I see Mickey & Minnie Mouse, I'll get transported to my childhood years....I sure miss those care-free years! :-P

I recently had another sweet memory associated with Mickey & Minnie Mouse, only this time it involved my baking ;-) My 1st attempt at making Mickey & Minnie Mouse cupcakes was highlighted in The Cupcake Blog, which is one of the US top cupcakes blog. Truth be told, I'm still giddy with excitement over this :-P A huge deal when you're a novice baker like me *big grin* Special thanks to Amanda from The Cupcake Blog, for giving me the extra boost in pursuing my passion :-)

The month of March had been a great month for me when it comes to Mickey & Minnie Mouse as I was again honored to be given a chance to bake yet another set of Mickey & Minnie Mouse cupcakes. This time it was an order from a new customer of mine, Eileene of Kota Damansara. It's always a pleasure to receive new customers & Eileene is no exception. She's such a pleasant person to talk to. Eileene wished to order a birthday cake cuppies for her daughter, Renee, who's celebrating her 3rd birthday.

Renee is such a huge fan of Mickey & Minnie Mouse according to Eileene and with this in mind, I set out to bake Renee's special birthday cake cuppies...

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache Toppings & Mickey/Minnie Mouse Fondant Deco

It's Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

To Eileene, thank you for allowing my goodies to be a part of Renee's special day. I am truly humbled by the opportunity given. My biggest thanks to you as well for taking the time to text & letting me know how much Renee & your family had loved the cupcakes.

To dear Renee, happy birthday sweet girl!

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