17 February 2012

Baby Shower Cookies

Hhmmm...Handling last minute goodies request might not be a big deal to most cake makers / bakers, but for a novice like me, it's really a big deal! Oh yeah! A big, BIG deal indeed as being a newbie, I have yet to learn the tricks on how to get everything done in an orderly & smooth way :-P From preparing the items needed for each recipes, to setting the baking time & not forgetting the time needed for me to do the decorations. And yes, don't forget that I'm such a fussy person & with this minor OCD that I have ( Yup! I fuss over every micro little details! ), what took others just an hour to bake their goodies, it can easily turn to 2 - 3 hours for me! Not to mention the extra time I need to think up on the decoration ideas, which usually takes me some time since I'm the least creative person ever! :-P

Yes, I'm still soooo much a novice as you could obviously read from the above *blush* Imagine then my reaction when I received an S.O.S 'I-need-some-cookies-pronto' phone call from dear Surya :-P With panic of course! :-P By the way, imagine my panic times two! Why?!! As I'll be making my goodies for another great baker! Uh-huh, for your info, Surya herself is a great baker! Can't blame me for being panicky, rite? :-P

Anyway, Surya's request was for some baby-shower cookies which she would like to present to her mum-to-be friend & since I was so much in shock when Surya gave me the task, my body & brain simply went on 'auto mode'! Ha! Ha!...Auto mode is a time when I don't allow myself to think, worry, panic & anything of that nature :-P Instead, I just went to the kitchen & whipped up some cookies batter. Even the design was an impromptu one! It was what came to my mind at that moment, so I had no choice but to just stick to it :-P Had to since I wasn't spared any creative moment :-P I did however ran through my ideas with Surya, just in case she had some other ideas....And the best part is, all she said was, "I trust you & I know you'll come up with something, so just go ahead & do what ever you think best"...Auwwww, ain't she sweet!

In the end, these was what I did came up with...*blush*

Vanilla Butter Cookies

Huwaaaa!!! :-P

Baby Shower Cookies All Nicely Packed & Ready For Collection :-)

Peek-A-Boo! :-P

Truthfully, I was a little worried on how Surya would react to my cookies once she received it...Luckily my worry was put to rest when I received Surya's text. She simply lovessssssss it! Yeayyyyyy! Not only that, she even told me that all her friends was practically fighting over it :-P Phewwwww! What a relief! :-P

Surya & friends snapped some photos during the baby-shower party & they were kind enough to send me some of it :-) I truly love all the photos Surya sent me & practically begged her to allow me to share some of it here...Surya & friends, thanks sooooooooo much for making my cookies looked so pwettyyyyyy :-P

Sweet Surya...Loving This Photo!

Last but not least, Surya dear, thanks so much for your business....I truly appreciate it! Most important of all, thank you for trusting me to create your cookies :-) I heart you, sweetie!


  1. They are great Ritz! Love the packaging too!

  2. Auwww...Bobie, u always know just how to encourage me! Thanks so much for your nice comments & putting a big smile on my face :-) Much love to you dear!

  3. These are cute! I love the packaging!

  4. What?!! Amber Spiegel a.k.a The Queen Of Cookies just left a comment on my blog?!! OMG! I'm soooooooo over the moon with happiness right now :-)

    Thanks so much Amber for dropping by! Your kind comments are greatly appreciated :-)

    P/S : See what I mean about my cookies not being shiny like yours? :-P


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