10 February 2012

A Cake For A Drummer

'Erkkkkkkk! What kind of cake should I be making for a musician?'...

Yup! That was how I reacted & the first thing that blurted out of my mouth when my dear uncle told me that he wished to order a birthday cake for one of his studio's band member, Putera. He was planning a surprise birthday party at his studio for Putera & wanted something special for the occasion.

Not wanting to disappoint my uncle, I cranked up my brain & finally an idea hit me! What about a drum shaped cake? I think it would fit perfectly for Putera, who's a drummer to an up & coming underground band, Heart-A-Tack. A drum cake would definitely fit the occasion. The problem is, I've NEVER made a drum shaped cake before! *dilemma*

Always the 'ever-so-eager-over-a-new-project' kind of person, I choose to ignore my lack of experience & insecurity and just went ahead making the cake :-P Hey! I have to at least try, right? :-P I did however warned my uncle that he might end up having an 'urghhhh' cake. Should see his face when I warned him! The look of complete terror! Ha! Ha!

The cake I came up with in the end.... Drum-roll please *no pun intended* :-p

Drum Cake For A Drummer :-)

Though I've never made a drum cake before, I have to admit that I had great fun making it :-) Apart from it being a learning experience, I too get to apply a few new cake decorating tricks which I learned from the wide world of web ( plus You Tube, of course! ) but never did get to try before :-P

In all honesty, what made me happy & touched my heart the most was the reaction I received from both my uncle & aunty when they came to pick up the cake from me...The look of utter disbelief & pure excitement! Such a priceless reaction & one I would always remember :-) They were both so blown away & keep saying 'it looked exactly like a drum!' over & over again :-P Phewwww! A big relief to see that my cake has 'passed' their strict inspections :-)

To my dear uncle & aunty, Tacu & Auntie Miza, thank you so much for believing in me...For trusting me enough to create a cake for Putera's special day. Both your support & encouragement means a great deal to me & I hope I'll be receiving more in the near future :-)

To dear Putera, aka Baby, wishing you all the happiness in the world & praying that all your dreams will come true. Hope you've enjoyed your surprise party & birthday cake :-)

I'm ending this post with a few shots of Putera's at his surprise birthday party...Enjoy!

The Birthday Boy, Putera & His Cake

Putera & His Heart-A-Tack Band Mates

Putera & Close Friends

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