31 January 2012

All About Cookies

Hhmmm...Feels like it's been ages since I update my blog! Sorry goodies lover :-( Mama goodies has been super duper busy of late, rushing out tonnes of goody orders :-P I'm in between orders now & thought I'll grab the moment to pen down ( or should I say, type up? ) something ;-)

Today, it's gonna be all about cookies! Cookies...Boy! I sure love eating them! As far as I can remember, I've been a cookie junkie ever since my childhood years :-P I guess it started with all those ginger snap cookies my parents love to stock up in the kitchen as I was growing up :-P

Being a cookie lover, I usually purchased my cookies from the supermarkets. Yeah, all those Arnott's, Kjeldsens's & Pepperidge Farm's were my choices of cookies...But that was before I discovered my passion for baking :-P Now, ever since I discovered that I can bake ( a fact that I, myself still can't belief! ha..ha...*still pinching myself!* ), I'm just crazy over my home baked cookies. There's nothing yummier than a fresh home baked cookies, especially when it's hot from the oven :-) 

I've been receiving a lot of request from my friends & followers via my Facebook & Emails, asking me for a list of my cookies that is available for purchase...So here it is ;-)

Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

An all time favourite of my family & close friends, this cookie is a very chocolaty goodies. A crunchy chocolate cookie with strips of white chocolate. A must for all chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Chips & Pecan Cookies

Another one of my family's favorite :-) A crispy chocolaty cookie with loads of pecans & chocolate chips.

Golden Cinnamon Cookies

A different twist from the normal sweet cookies, this cookie is rich in spice. It's texture is similar to those ginger snaps cookies. A supreme treat for cinnamon lovers!

Peanut Butter Cookies

A recipe I especially created for my peanut butter lover honey bunny :-P Yup! It's full of peanut butter taste & not to mention loads of crunchy peanuts. It's like licking a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, only it's in a cookie form :-P

Rock Cookies

A chocolaty cookie with an irresistible crunchy sugar topping. Another must for chocolate lovers!

Honey Cornflake Cookies

An addictive mixture of crunchy cornflakes with loads of peanuts & almond slivers coated with caramelized honey.

Butter Cookies 

A crunchy & buttery cookies with various flavours to choose from - vanilla, lemon, orange or chocolate. I usually use this cookie recipe for all my fancy cookies order :-)

Ginger Cookies

A richly spiced ginger cookies for all the ginger lovers! I also use this cookie recipe for my fancy cookies order :-)

There are just so much more cookie recipes I wish to whip up...Unfortunately the time is quite envious of me & have yet to grant me some free time for me to play dough ;-) I'll keep you posted whenever I come up with new cookies flavour ;-)

Till then, have a cookielicious day all!

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