14 September 2012

Family Tree Cupcakes

With ribbons & cake boards strewn around me and not to mention me being surrounded with cupcakes & cupcakes toppers, it was a 'lil bit like being in one of those 'DC Cupcakes' episodes :-P Auwww...come on, a girl can dream, rite? ;-)

Urrmmm...As you can surely notice ( by looking at the date on the cupcakes ), this is definitely a much...much...MUCH backdated post! Ngeeeeeeeeeeee! Am soooooo guilty of 'neglecting' my blog :-( Well, to be honest, I don't mean to do so but busy baker me was sort of 'buried' in the kitchen under tonnes of flour these last few weeks ( or should I say months! ) and couldn't get to my lap-top fast enough to update my blog. Am soooo guilty! *sad face*

Anyway, this unique looking cupcakes was the brainchild of Ms. Tanti, a dear friend & loyal customer of mine :-) She wanted to do something different to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday & came up with a family tree theme. What she didn't tell me was how to go about doing it *eekkkkkkkkkk!!* All I got from her was a rough idea on how she wants it to be ( plus a drawing of her family tree ) & the rest, as she sweetly say to me, 'I'll leave it up to you'...*oh dear...oh dear*

After much figuring around & some wild imagination, I finally came up with an idea of making a simple yet sweet family tree birthday cupcakes for little Ms.Tya ( that's the name of Tanti's daughter ) :-P

Tya's Pink & White Theme Family Tree Cupcakes

Ain't She The Cutest? Yup, That's Tya, The Birthday Girl

Vanilla & Choc Chips Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Truthfully, the cupcakes set was quite HUGE! I could see from the look Tanti gave me when she picked up her goodies, that even she didn't expect it to be that huge *giggles*

I had to admit that it was really fun doing this project...It sort of give me a glimpse of what it would be like being in those 'DC Cupcakes' episodes...Ha! Ha! Yea...yea...Me & my dream world! *blush* On a serious note, I sincerely would like to thank Tanti & her family for trusting me to come up with such a unique goodies for dear cute Tya's birthday. It was indeed an honor to be a part of her special day :-)

Tanti, thank you for always being there to support me & this new found passion of mine. Big hugs to you sweetie!

Here's a sweet message that Tanti took the time sending to me :-)

"Sedap flavor tu! Suka sangat. Choc chips pun byk ;)"


"The flavor is delicious! Love it. The choc chips are extra as well ;)"

Till my next post ( which I hope to be soon! ), sending much love to all ✗o✗o

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