05 September 2012

Sweet Pink & White Wedding Cupcakes

Errrkkkkkk! I'm definitely lagging in my blog's post! Tonnes to update but time wasn't being a friend to me of late :-( Yup! Million things to do & not enough time to do it, especially when it comes to updating my blog *bummer* What's a girl to do then? Yupppp! Stay up late at this hour and just hope that her brain could function long enough to type up some tangible words here :-P

Okay, no time to babble...I'm such a chatter-box & once I start babbling, trust me, it's so hard for me to stop! Best if I just type on & concentrate on updating this post of mine :-P

I recently had the honor of making these wedding cupcakes for dear Ms. Masni from Kuala Lumpur. Her order actually came in during one of my crazy baking time & at first I was worried that I couldn't come up with her goodies on time. Luckily for me, Masni was willing to work out her timetable and gave me some extra time to work on her goodies. She even agreed to collect her goodies at night time :-P Yup! For a novice baker like me, who's still struggling to find her footing when it comes to preparing goodies, every little second means a lot! So yes, those extra time Masni gave me, means the world to me! :-)

Here's a peep on the goodies that I've created for Masni...Apologize for the not so clear photos as it was taken during night time & the lighting didn't really help :-( Plus, the photo was taken using one of my 'not-so-fancy' camera as my 'fancier' camera was actually half way across the country with hubby dearly who was on a business trip :-P 

Pink & White Themed Wedding Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Deco

My Impromptu 'Create-My-Own-Flower' :-P

To my dear Masni, my sincere thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to create your goodies...Most of all, thank you for your understanding, patience & support! Appreciate it dearly :-) Much love to you dear...

Uh-uh! Think my brain's half asleep now coz suddenly I'm running out of idea! Can't even think straight now :-P Guess I better get my beauty sleep. Wouldn't want to wake up and being a grouchy hag later :-P

Thanks all for reading thru my ramblings :-) Wishing all a nighty nite & sweet dreams...Till my next post, hugs to each & every one! ✗o✗o

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