20 September 2012

Let's Go To The Zoo

Sweaty palms...heart beating fast...and major jitters! That probably sums up my panicky state each time I received goodies order, especially if it's for a cake order! Ha! Ha! I know it sounds weird but it is true! *scout's honor* I seriously do go thru all those phases whenever I received cake orders :-P Guess it must be due to the fact that I'm so much a novice in this cake deco thingy. It's safe to say that my cake deco knowledge/capability practically consist of being able to bake a decent cake & frosting it, which that too is something I'm still struggling to perfected! *chuckles*

Imagine then how I felt when dear Dr. Izaza called me up & requested for a zoo theme birthday cake for her daughter's birthday. And she wants her cake to be decorated with buttercream, not fondant. Why, of course my panic went to hyper-drive mode!

After much effort in calming myself down & putting my panic aside, I suddenly came up with a fun idea...Why not if I make a cake that can be consumed & at the same time lavished with fun toys for the birthday girl to play with :-) That should be fun for a 2 year old girl, rite?

After getting some rough idea on how I want my cake to be, I immediately head out to my local malls & went in search of all the fun 'things' I could put on the zoo themed cake. I was in luck as I came across several cute animal thumb puppets in one of the party supplier shop :-P The toys are just super cute, even I had trouble choosing them!

I was so excited about the toys that the moment I reached home, I immediately gave the toys a good 'bath'. Yes, that's my OCD taking over :-P I just can't bear the thought of things being put on my goodies without a good clean wash! And it have to be washed twice or more until I'm fully satisfied! Ha! Ha! Now you know why my honey bunny says I'm beyond OCD! *blush*

Well, enough yapping...Here's my 'fun' zoo theme cake, specially created for the birthday girl, Damia :-)

Zoo Themed Birthday Cake

Red Velvet With Lemon Cream Cheese Cake & Animal Toys Deco

Having A Go At Making My First Stand-Up
Fondant Signage & Alphabets :-P

Feeling as panicky as I was making this cake, I somehow took a chance & created a few new things ( new to me that is! ) like making my first stand-up fondant signage & alphabets :-P By the time I'm done with the cake, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The cake did look like a 'fun' cake, just the way I intended it to be :-)

To Dr. Izaza, my sincere thanks to you for choosing Ritz Passion's goodies to grace your daughter's special day. It was indeed an honor to be a part of Damia's birthday celebration. Much thanks as well for your sweet message that you've sent to me. Appreciate it dearly!

I'm sharing Dr. Izaza's sweet message:-

"Wow! That beautiful...Thankz a lot my dear!!"

Auwww...That's enough to warm my heart :-)

Thanks all for dropping by my blog & reading my ramblings :-) I'm off to update my next post...Yup! I still have tonnes of it waiting in my draft box! :-P

Much love to all ✗o✗o

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