04 February 2013

All The Cupcakes But Only A Photo To Show

To those of you who didn't know of my recent horrible incident, allow me to tell you...My hard-disk recently went berserk & with it, all my goodies photos were gone :-( It was such an upsetting thing & till date I have not managed to retrieve all the lost datas & photos. Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Any way, here is one post where I only managed to find ONE ( yes, just one! ) photo of the goodies that I did for dear Ms. Izan. She actually ordered a three ( 3 ) sets of cupcakes for a family gathering. As usual, I did snapped all the goodies photos, which unfortunately was 'swallowed' up by my condemned hard-disk :'( Gosh! I seriously wish I could do something to get back all my photos *sobbing*

Izan's order was for a set of Orange Poppy Seeds cupcakes ( 16 pieces ), a set of Vanilla Strawberry & Vanilla Choc Chips cupcakes ( 30 pieces ) & a set of Candylicious Vanilla cupcakes ( 12 pieces ).

Yup, all those goodies & I only have one photo to post here :-( Boo hoo...I missed my photos! Here's the only photo I have of Izan's goodies...

Vanilla Cupcakes With Loads Of Candies!

To my dear Izan, thank you so much for your order. It was indeed an honor baking all those cupcakes for you ✗o✗o


  1. Very good and very beautiful, congratulations for your blog and creations!!!
    I'm very sorry for your hard-disk and your photos.. :(
    Bye :)

    1. Auwww...Thank you so much for your kind comments dear Antonella. A pleasure to have you visiting my blog :-) I sincerely appreciate it! Sending much love your way ✗o✗o


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