22 February 2013

An Honor Indeed!

I think by now you all know just how much I love baking & decorating cakes :-P Whipping up recipes, baking cakes & decorating it are just heavenly to me! Ermmm, the cleaning part is something I still struggle with :-P Hate it! *chuckles*

Yes, I love baking but wanna know what I love best? Baking goodies for my dear friends for sure! Especially when it's for their little ones :-)

Few years back, when my dear friend, Lilia, requested that I make a special cupcakes for her son, Khayr's 1st birthday, I was beyond excited! So imagine how I felt when I received another request from Lilia - this time for Khayr's 2nd birthday :-) I'm just truly honored!

Khayr's Upin & Ipin Theme Birthday Cake

American Carrot Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese

Baby Khayr & His Loving Parent

Oooo...Is Khayr Judging My Work? :-P

Khayr Picking On The M&Ms :-)

To my dear Lilia, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyy back-dated *blush* Am truly sorry for this ( no thanks to my crazy hard disk! ). Nevertheless, do know that it's written with much love :-x Special thanks to you & Kerol for giving me the opportunity to create yet another birthday cake for Khayr. No words can describe how much I value your support & encouragement! Errmmm, maybe this will give you some idea - thank you...thank you...THANK YOU! 

Many thanks too for sharing your personal photos with me :-) I've always loveeeeeeeeeeee looking at your family's photo! Such a great family you have there. You are truly blessed my dear :-x

Oh oh! Am suddenly lost for words! Think my brain is shutting down already as it's nearing 3:00am!

Time for my beauty sleep dearies :-P Till my next post, nighty nite all! 

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