04 February 2013

Catching Up!

To say that my blog is a little bit back-logged is indeed an understatement! Honestly, it's way...way...wayyyyyy...and I seriously mean, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back-logged! Heck! If all my posts in my draft box is a physical thing, I can guarantee that you'll see loads of dust & spider webs in it!

Seriously, time is just not something I'm blessed with these last few weeks/months...If you noticed, I haven't even managed to update my blog with any 2013 news/updates! *face palm*

I shamely admit that I am really THAT back-dated with my posts...Erkkkk!! So without further ado, allow me to quickly clear up my draft box with my 'quick version' of all the goodies that I've done or was commissioned with previously...Hopefully I'll manage to finish off posting some of my goodies news from last year :-P

To start off my 'quick version' posts, here's my first ever tiered wedding cake that I did for my dear cousin, Yani, whom commissioned me to do the cake for her BFF's wedding :-)

It's a 2-tiered Chocolate Moist cake & the color theme requested was white & silver. I was pretty nervous making this cake but thankfully my cousin, Yani, was ever so supportive and pushed me on...Thanks to her, I finally managed to conquer my fear & proceeded creating the cake for her :-P Thanks sweetie for being the wind beneath my wings! Muahhhhhhhhhhsss!

My First Ever Tiered Wedding Cake :-P

Chocolate Moist Cake With White & Silver Color Theme
Wedding Cake

Well peeps, hope you've enjoyed looking at my very first tiered wedding cake...No worries if you need to chuckle or laugh looking at the photos...Tee...hee...hee...No hard feeling from my side as I know how novice my work is *blush* Hey! Hopefully with much practice, maybe I'll do better next time ;-)

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