15 April 2011

Do You Have The Time?

I just can't resist naming this post with such title :-P I've been wanting to try my hands on making watch/clock theme cupcakes for the longest time & finally I got the chance!

These cupcakes was made specially for Maz, who wish to present it to her hubby on his birthday...Her plan was to surprise her hubby at his office on his special day with an armful of cupcakes :-) So sweet!

Maz initially requested for a simple mix of fondant & buttercream 'manly' deco cupcakes & I was wrecking my brains for ideas. Mind you but it's not easy making cupcakes with a 'manly' theme as we are so used with cupcakes being cute and all, with all those flower decorations, teddy bears and stuffs :-P So when Maz told me at the 11th hour that she had presented her hubby with a Tissot watch, the idea of making a watch/clock face cupcakes just pops up in my mind! Even Maz wasn't aware of my plan :-P All she requested was if I could possibly add some 'Mr. Tissot' & 'Mr. Fandy' into her cupcakes deco and the rest is all up to me...What better time then to try my watch/clock decoration ;-)

Tissot Watch/Clock Themed Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Rich Chocolate Buttercream Frostings
And Fondant Deco

The Special Man Of The Hour - Mr. Fandy :-)

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered :-)

I've never made this before and as you all already know, I'm soooooo very new with fondant decoration but I have to admit that I had so much fun making this. Practically smiled all to myself the whole time making these! Very therapeutic indeed, if you minus the panic attack that is! Ha..ha...

To my dear Maz, thank you so much for choosing Ritz Passion to grace your hubby's special day. Your continuous support is very much appreciated! I hope that you've managed to surprise your hubby & stopped him in his track with the cupcakes :-P

Last but not least, to 'Mr. Tissot' a.k.a Mr. Fandy, a sincere birthday wish from Ritz Passion! Hope you had a blast on your special day :-)

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  1. i shud order this.. because he's a Tissot man too... just that he dont fancy pastries other than creme brulee and choc ice cream..pftt

    my new entry: mcm mana korang makan burger - for the ladies


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