12 April 2011

Baby Shower Cake

Wow! Time sure flies when you're having so much fun - in my case, my fun time in the kitchen :-) Yup! Yours truly had been a busy bee this few weeks & she's loving every moment of it ;-) On top of the usual 'rushing' out orders, I've been busy 'experimenting' with lots of stuffs :-P From whipping up new cake recipes, to 'playing dough' with fondants and much more...Was so into it that I totally miss out on updating my blog! Bad...bad girl! Err, more like forgetful! Sigh! The sign of aging!

Here's a baby shower cake which I did for Eenaz a few weeks back...A last minute job I might say as I was given less than 24 hours notice to make it. Imagine my panic! I was hyper-ventilating through out the process...Ha...ha...Luckily Eenaz had some idea in mind how she wants her cake to look like so I've saved time on cramping my brains for ideas :-P As a novice, every seconds counts! And I'm sure am a NOVICE when it comes to cake decoration! He..he...Thank god Eenaz helped me out by sending a few cake photos :-) Thanks dear!

My initial plan was to make a two tiers cake with a teddy sitting on top of the cake...Was really looking forward to make teddy bear figurines. Unfortunately, my plan didn't come true as while making the cake, I was informed that the cake will be collected earlier than planned :-( 

2 Tiers Chocolate Moist & Jam Cake With Buttercream Fillings & Fondant Deco

To dear Eenaz, thank you so much for choosing Ritz Passion goodies to grace your friend's baby shower. I hope you & your friend had enjoyed the cake. Most of all, I hope the cake turns out as how you had imagined it to be ;-)

To dear Sheena ( Eenaz's sister ), big hugs for you dear! Thank you so much for your recommendation :-x Will be baking some goodies for you to show you my appreciation *wink*

Till my next post, have a great day all!

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