20 April 2011

Playtime In The Kitchen!

Oh! The list of cakes that I'm dying to 'experiment' on is endless! It's been awhile since I last whip up new cake recipes and my hands are already itching to try make some :-P As I had some free time recently, I thought what better time than to play around in the kitchen & have fun with my friends - Ms. Flour, Mr. Butter, Ms. Eggs...yada...yada... :-P

Butter cake is one cake recipe that I've been wanting to tweak with...I was checking my pantry when I saw a jar of my treasured vanilla beans...That's when my mind went 'Eureka!' :-) Plain old butter cake recipe can be soooooo boring, rite? Why not bake some using vanilla beans I was thinking...

While I was in the midst of preparing my cake batter, another crazy idea struck me ...Why not whip up new frosting flavor to go with it as well! Something vanillaish ( is there such words? ha..ha..) or creamy/cheesy...Vanilla Beans Icing & Lemon Cream Cheese frostings was top on my list but I couldn't make up my mind as which frosting flavors goes well with my Vanilla Beans Butter Cake. In the end, I split my batter into two pans. When in doubt, make both!

Vanilla Beans Butter Cake With Vanilla Beans Icing

Loving The Effect Of The Vanilla Beans On The Icing :-P

Vanilla Beans Butter Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

The Combo Is Scrumptious :-)

The conclusion I gathered from my baking 'experiment' - I do love how the Vanilla Beans Butter Cake turned out :-) It's light & fluffy and those vanilla beans added a pretty black speckled look to the cake. As for the frostings, honestly, I STILL couldn't decide which frosting goes well with the cake! Both have their own distinct taste and added a different twist to the cake's taste :-) While the Vanilla Beans Icing had the sweetest aroma of vanilla and added a more authentic vanilla taste to the cake, the Lemon Cream Cheese frosting is just the opposite! The cream cheese is just so silky smooth & left a nice lemonish taste in your mouth. I guess it's a choice of either you like it sweet & vanillaish or creamy & lemonish :-P I'm game for both!

My 'Experiment' - Vanilla Beans Butter Cake

Thanks for sharing my passion & till my next 'experiment', head to the kitchen & whip up something! You'll be surprise to see the joy that awaits you in the kitchen ;-)

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