14 April 2011

Friendship, Birthday & Cupcakes...

Meeting people & making new friends is something I love...and dear Ms. Halifah is no exception ;-) It was by 'magic' that I got to know her - the magic of Facebook! :-P The things technology can do for us these days! *glee*

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook ( ha..ha...I sound like a Facebook promoter, ehh? ), I had the pleasure of meeting Halifah's acquaintance when she contacted me to arrange for a birthday cupcakes order. A surprise Halifah intended to present to her dear friend, Dat. I could gather that Dat is one special person to Halifah as even from the beginning, Halifah was all excited in planning the cupcakes order :-)

Halifah had some difficulty in choosing the right theme / decoration initially and admitted that she couldn't make up her mind in choosing as according to her, there's so many to choose from my collection...Really? I don't remember making that many :-P It was really sweet though hearing nice comments from her :-) Thanks dear!

In the end, here's what Halifah had chosen...A pink & blue themed Vanilla Bean & Jam Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting...I've even made a lovey dovey 'name tag' for Dat ;-) 

Pink & Blue Themed Birthday Cupcakes

Vanilla Bean & Jam Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frostings

Lovey Dovey 'Name Tag' For The Birthday Girl :-)

The Birthday Girl!

Halifah & Friends With Their Cupcakes :-P

To dear Halifah, it gives me great pleasure that you've chosen my goodies to grace Dat's birthday celebration. My sincere thank you :-) It's really nice knowing bubbly you and I do hope you & your friends had enjoyed the cupcakes :-)

To the birthday girl, Dat, happy birthday dear! Hope you had a blast being surrounded with great friends on your special day :-)


  1. hey thats my fren halifah! good to see her here! hehe..

    btw ritz, do u make red velvet cake/cupcake? and if u do, may i know the price?

    thanks dear.


  2. Hi there Roe! Technology do make d world smaller, rite :-P Anyway, thanks for stopping by :-) Happy to inform you that I do make Red Velvet Cake/Cupcakes. Please feel free to buzz me at either my email @ FB for details kay ;-)

    Btw, I'm sooooooooo loving your blog!

  3. awww thats so sweet of u to stop by my blog :)

    ive gotten yr number from halifah. will call u later today aite! right now having a hard time to choose which one i want! u have so many creative pieces. *sweating*


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