15 July 2011

A Blessing...

Being a one-person baker sure have it's up & down moments...Down moment is when there are so many things I want to do yet couldn't due to my limited sources, like my hands! :-P Though I'm not complaining ( as I love every baking moment ), I do wish I have an extra set of octopus hands :-) Maybe a device of some sort where I can strap it on whenever I need extra hands to do my baking & much more :-P There are also times when I simply had ( this always break my heart! ) to decline an order/request due to my full baking schedules. Believe me, I would always, always try my best to fulfill all requests but sometimes a girl ( ermmm, maybe I should say woman ) just don't have enough time in a day, another down moments :-( Being sick/unwell is another down moment for me...If I could bake from my bed when I'm unwell, I would definitely do it :-P

Nevertheless, despite all those down moments I have to go through, I'm so blessed with much more up moments :-) One particular blessing I'm always & forever will be grateful for is the love, support & understanding of all my loyal customers & supporters. Hugs! No matter what down moments I'm facing, they were always there supporting me in every way. For this I thank you my dears :-x

Another blessing I'm ever so grateful for is the constant streaming of new customers & friends that I've been receiving lately. No words can ever express my thanks & appreciation to each & every one of you who took 'a leap of faith' in trying out my goodies :-) Much love to you!

One such person, who turns out to be such a loyal customer & definitely a friend, is Ms. Hasnita from Puchong :-) To tell the truth, I wasn't sure where or how she heard of me, but I'm just grateful that she was willing to try out my goodies when she placed her first order with me :-) I remembered how nervous I was when receiving Hasnita's order :-P Yup! I always get so nervous when fulfilling orders for new customers, you know those hands & legs shaking kind of nervous :-P Thankfully Hasnita was happy with her first order & has ever since ordered countless of goodies from me :-)

Here are some photos sent in by Hasnita...Thanks so much for sharing dear :-) As you might be aware, all my photo folders in my laptop was 'swallowed up' & couldn't be recovered till date :-( A major down moment for me :'(

Red Velvet Cake With Edible Image Deco

The Birthday Boy, Humaam Ajwad. Happy Birthday Dear!

Hasnita's 'Leap Of Faith' Order :-P Her Very 1st Order - Red Velvet Cupcakes

To my dear Hasnita, your love & support means the world to me :-) Thank you so much & I do hope I'll be getting much more love from you :-)

To all my loyal friends & customers, you all are my blessing & will always be my up moments :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything - for the encouragements, supports, recommendations, understanding, patience, compassion & most of all for the love you've showered me with *teary eyes* Hugssssssss!

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