10 January 2012

Welcoming The Year 2012

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Wowwwww! How fast time can fly by! Day in & day out, without realizing it, we are now entering the second week of the year 2012 already...

The new year starts of with a hectic baking time for me & I didn't manage to sit down long enough to type up my new year wishes to all my goodies lovers...I hope it's not too late to send each & every one of you a very 'Happy New Year 2012'!

The year 2011 has indeed been a great year for me & there are just so many things that I'm thankful for...I'm thankful for all the support & love rendered to me by all my family, friends, customers, loyal supporters & followers...I'm thankful for all the new clients & followers that came my way, be it via my blog, Email, Facebook or Twitters. I'm thankful for all the great cake artists that I have the honour of knowing through their blogs & Facebook accounts. I'm thankful for all the great things mentioned & highlighted about my goodies by all the bloggers & web-owners out there, be it locally or internationally...I'm thankful for all the encouragement & well wishes offered to me by all of you through-out the year 2011...Most of all, I'm thankful to Allah Almighty for blessing me with such great health, wisdom & patience to continue with my journey in this passion of mine. It was indeed a great year for me & I thank you all!

I pray with this coming year of 2012, each one of you will be blessed with much love, good health & lots of happiness. Hopefully you'll get to fulfil your new year's resolution as well ;-)

What's my new year's resolution? Why, to make more yummylicious goodies of course! :-P And to learn more of those cake decorating skills & tricks, which I know I still have tonnessssssssss to learn :-P

Sending much love to all & a Happy New Year! Hugs!

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